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Winter fatigue: symptoms, diet, what to do?

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Winter fatigue can affect anyone. What are the characteristics of this particular fatigue? What diet to adopt to get back in shape? Which vitamins to consume? Which sport ? Dr. Sandrine Duranseaud, doctor and hypnotherapist answers our questions.

Fatigue At awakening, decrease in desire during the daywant to compensate with food… And all this during Winter ? Your body may be suffering from winter fatigue. “It can lead to a depressive syndrome if the person does not pay attention to it and does not take care of it” warns Dr. Sandrine Duranseaud, doctor and hypnotherapist. Advice.

“What is called winter fatigue is a particular fatigue because it occurs, as its name suggests, during the winter. It lasts all daycan become chronic and lasts for more than about a month and a halfdefines Sandrine Duranseaud doctor and hypnotherapist. How do you know if you are suffering from winter fatigue? “Just do the test: if you get better as soon as the sun shines, it’s winter fatigue.” Indeed, the sun is the primary source of energy for humans: “It’s a vital energy, that’s why the less you are exposed to the sun, the greater the risk of winter fatigue.” Winter fatigue is not to be taken lightly: “It can lead to a depressive syndrome if the person does not pay attention to it and does not take care of it.”

Winter fatigue is manifested by several characteristic signs explains Dr. Sandrine Duranseaud:

  • A fatigue that occurs as soon as you wake up.
  • A loss of life force : “It means that the person doesn’t want anything, that they no longer have any motivation.”
  • Of the difficulty concentrating.
  • A lack or absence of energy to carry out projects.
  • A need to eat more. “It is an ancestral reflex. We imagine that food brings energy, which is true for a person who exerts himself, who has a physical activity. But when we are at indoors and sedentary is not a good idea because it can lead to even more fatigue.”
  • A permanent weariness “from which a depressive syndrome may arise in the most serious cases”.

A poor diet accentuates fatigue because the poorly nourished body does not have the essential elements for its proper functioning. He must therefore draw on his reserves and set priorities. For example, prioritizing brain oxygenation over muscle strength, which is why you have less energy to move or exercise. To avoid winter fatigue, it is important to eat well. Dr. Sandrine Duranseaud advises:

  • Of don’t overeat because the body does not need it if you are sedentary.
  • To consume foods rich in mineral salts and vitamins such as green plants.
  • Eating fruits rich in vitamin C such as lemon, orange or kiwi : “Favor the consumption of chewable fruits and not in the form of juice to preserve all the nutrients.”
  • Eat good fats: “They are found in oilseeds such as nuts or almonds. But you have to take them in small quantities because they are quite caloric.
  • To bet on the vegetable soups, ideal for warming up and consuming vegetables in another form.
  • Of drink well : “If you suffer from winter fatigue, hydration is essential because lack of water tires the body. So, drink water and herbal tea to stay hydrated.”
  • Of make an anti-fatigue drink : “Simply grate ginger in lukewarm water and add a spoonful of honey and lemon juice to it.”

On the other hand, Dr Duranseaud recommends limit coffee consumption to one per day: “Coffee dehydrates and prevents you from sleeping well.”

If taking supplements should not be systematic in winter, it can help fight deficiencies “especially in Omega 3, vitamin C and vitamin D” says the specialist. Why these vitamins and dietary supplements in particular?

  • THE Omega 3 are “vegetable oils that have a positive effect on mood by calming stress and anxiety. Omega 3s are particularly present in fish such as sardines or in cod liver”.
  • There vitamin C East “interesting in case of winter fatigue because it boosts the body”.
  • There vitamin D. In winter, vitamin D deficiencies are frequent, since the latter is synthesized by the body thanks to the sun. This vitamin can be taken in the form of capsules on medical advice or in the form of drops: “Two drops a day of organic store-bought natural vitamin D3 can help fight winter fatigue.” It is always necessary to respect the dosages and seek advice from a pharmacist in case of doubt.

With the onset of cold and snow, a large part of the French no longer find enough motivation to move. However, exercise in moderation East “always recommended in case of winter fatigue because activity even helps to regain tone“, inform our interlocutor. “To fight against winter fatigue, it is important to get some fresh air at least 30 minutes a day.”

What sport to practice? “It all depends on the person’s situation, form and age. Sports that help develop good breathing such as yoga where the Qigong are particularly interesting. In addition to sports practices, exercises of heart coherence can also be useful in case of winter fatigue: “It’s about wide and regular breathing that stimulates the vagus nerve. This will increase the secretion of serotonin, which allows you to be more serene and calm.”

► The essential oils : “Certain essential oils can help fight winter fatigue and help you relax” says Dr. Duranseaud. “But you have to handle them with caution and read the precautions for use carefully because some are to be diffused, others to be applied… To fall asleep and relax, apply a drop of ravintsara essential oil on the solar plexus (in the middle of the chest) before going to bed.”

► The light therapy : It is realized thanks to a light which reproduces the light of the sun. “Light therapy compensates for the lack of sunlight and restores morale and vitality.”

Some simple tips can help you sleep better every day and thus help you reduce your fatigue. For Dr. Sandrine Duranseaud, there are three main rules for having restful sleep:

► Have a healthy environment. “The room should be aired at least 10 minutes a day with the bed open.”

► Take care of your breathing. “Good breathing is one of the essential criteria for combating fatigue. To avoid respiratory problems at night, just blow your nose, clean your nose with saline solution before going to sleep.”

Turn off screens from 9 p.m. “To secrete melatonin, the sleep hormone, it is important to be in the dark. Screens (blue light) delay the secretion of melatonin and prevent you from sleeping well.”

Put phones and wifi in airplane mode. “Otherwise, it releases energies via the waves that disturb sleep rhythms.”

Thanks to Dr Sandrine Duranseaud, doctor and hypnotherapist.

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