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What to do in case of severe sunburn?

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Sunburn is a more or less serious burn of the skin occurring after prolonged exposure to the sun. A “big” sunburn deserves special attention.

Sunburn is a more or less severe burn of the skin occurring after exposure to heat and UV rays from the sun. It causes rednessa pain with itching and sometimes blisters. Dr. Roland Viraben, dermatologist and venereologist, explains how react to a “big” sunburn.

What is a “big” sunburn?

A “big” sunburn is a skin burn, more or less deep (2nd or 3rd degree) and more or less extensivewhich will be caused both by the heat and ultraviolet (UV). The exposure of the skin to heat will cause a burn and the ultraviolet mutations at the level of the chromosomes and the latter will be carcinogenic and can lead to cancer. The sunburn is going to be an element of alert“, says Dr. Viraben. Sunburn leads to the appearance of blisters (or blisters), immediately or within hours of exposure. The blisters are filled with a clear fluid and surrounded by an area of ​​red skin. The redness is painful and turns white when you place your finger on it while pressing. The superficial second degree burn with blisters heals spontaneously in 2 weeks without sequelae. It can leave dark spots that are slow to disappear. There is a risk of scarring as soon as the burn concerns the dermisindeed the blister or bubble is a separation of the epidermis and the dermis.

What advice to relieve a big sunburn?

In any case, it is necessary stop sun exposure immediately.
Cool the burned area with cold water, water sprays or take a lukewarm, not cold bath if the burned area is extensive.
► The use of a moisturizer is helpful.
Drink plenty to keep you well hydrated:sunburn causes water loss through the skin which must be compensated by rehydration”.
Watch your temperature.
► In case of headaches, take a analgesic.
If the “big” sunburn is accompanied by blisters (bubbles), you should not “cut” the surface of the skin, you can empty the contents: “You have to leave the epidermis on the surface in order to constitute a physiological dressing. It is indicated after cooling the sunburn area of deposit a fatty substance and a dressing.

When to consult?

In case of “big” sunburn, it is recommended consult your doctor in order to better consider its management and the possible consequences on health (skin cancers, lucite, skin aging, sunstroke, etc.). If the sunburn is accompanied by fever, headache and dehydration, should be consulted without delay. In a childthe severity of the sunburn is greater: from the point of view of dehydration which is much faster and the severity of the sunburn which is always increased. You need to consult quickly.

Thanks to Dr Roland Viraben, dermatologist and venereologist, Toulouse.

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