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what is this medicine?

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Holistic therapy is a medicine that takes into account the patient as a whole, that is to say both the body and the mind, and not by symptom. Is it recognized in France? Who can practice it?

The expression “holistic” is derived from the Greek “holos” which means “all” and “whole”. By its etymology, holistic therapy would thus aim to take care of the patient “whole” or “as a whole”, to take into account more factors compared to allopathic medicine. It’s what holistic medicine? Is it recognized In France ? Who can practice it?

Definition: what is holistic medicine?

Instead of focusing on the symptoms of evil, holistic therapy treats the human on six planes : physical, emotional, mental, socio-cultural, environmental and spiritual“, explains Daniel Kieffer, creator of the European College of Traditional Holistic Naturopathy (CENATHO). This acts upstream, before the diseases declare themselves. In other words, holistic therapy is the art of taking care of the human being as a whole.

What are the principles of holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy is based on energy approaches (quantum medicine, Chinese medicine, magnetism (magnets, geobiology, etc.), mental (analytical or not, such as CBTs), environmental (ecology and health), socio-cultural (impact of the media, education, art, etc.) , and transpersonal (or spiritual)“, specifies Daniel Kieffer. Holistic therapy is unconventional medicine, which is based on the principles of holism (which is interested in its object as a whole) and on methods based on the “globality of the human being” in the sense physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental, socio-cultural. It is a question of considering the patient as a person and not a simple patient.

What does holistic therapy treat?

Holistic therapy treats various disorders such as:

  • the stress,
  • sleep disorders,
  • back pain,
  • migraines,
  • weight issues,
  • chronic diseases,
  • emotional shocks.

But it is impossible to make an exhaustive list because it is the legal context that sets limits acts authorized or not by practitioners: for example in the 21 states of the USA or in English Canada, clinics and multidisciplinary centers clearly integrate the seven plans. These centers support both small functional disorders (chronic) than psychosomatic than cancers“, indicates the expert.

What are the contraindications of holistic medicine?

There is no general contraindication to holistic medicine. The contraindications will be more related to the technique used (massage, acupuncture, etc.). It is up to the practitioner to adapt the therapy to the patient.

Is holistic medicine recognized in France?

Under French law, only the doctor (allopath or “oriented” homeopathy, acupuncture, etc. or a medical specialist) has the right to make a diagnosis and treat. The holistic approach is neither an “orientation nor a specialty, nor a profession in its own right…remarks the creator of CENATHO.

Who can practice holistic medicine?

In France, naturopaths who have followed a CENATHO training can practice holistic medicine.

Thanks to Daniel Kieffer, creator of the European Traditional Holistic Naturopathy College (CENATHO).


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