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what is his role, when to go see him?

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A sexologist is a specialist in disorders and issues related to sexuality. What is its role really? When to go see it? What is the price and is it reimbursed? Discovery of this profession.

We can be cautious about consulting a sexologist. However, it is an essential profession to solve a problem of sexuality or to find a fulfilled sexuality. What is its concrete role? Why go see him? Inevitably as a couple or alone? How is a session going? What’s the fare ? Is it reimbursed?

What is the definition of the profession of sexologist?

The sexologist is a health specialist who has validated a university degree in sexology or taken training in a recognized school. “The sexologist can be a doctor or a midwife, but also a psychologist, a marriage counselor, a nurse”specifies Isabelle Braun-Lestrat, psychologist and clinical sexologist, vice-president of the National Union of clinical sexologists. Note that this profession is not regulated in France. This specialist can treat sexual disorders while having a role of educator concerning sexually transmitted diseases. Doctors-sexologists, like gynecologists, midwives or physiotherapists, have undergone classic initial training to practice medicine, along with additional training. But not all sexologists are doctors.

What is the role of the sexologist?

Many people experience sexual difficulties that they have never dared to talk about. A sexologist, a “specialist” practitioner of sexual disorders, can help solve the sexual problems of all those who do not experience a fulfilling sexuality. He can thus:

  • Help to regain desire and pleasure
  • Enable sexual fulfillment
  • Dgive advice and solve certain problems of daily life that can affect the sexuality of a woman, a man or a couple
  • Restore confidence in itself
  • Help to overcome torque wear
  • Stimulate couples and help them change their sexual habits, the places where they can make love.
  • Consulting a sexologist also helpsto avoid the encystment of the problemnot to feel guilty, to avoid the appearance of frustrations which will only worsen the situation but also of a depression which can appear at certain people.
  • The sexologist can also have a preventive role, especially with young people and address the problems of prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and of course the HIV virus (AIDS) and that of the Papillomavirus. The role of the practitioner is also essential to insist on the need to use condoms and adopt “safe” behavior.

To note : only doctors and sexologist midwives can examine patients and offer them medical examinations and treatments and, in certain exceptional cases, surgery.

Should we consult him alone or in pairs?

All social categories are concerned and can consult a sexologist. The vast majority of people who consult go to the practitioner alone. However, sexologists often advise couples to go to the meeting together, because the problem that specifically concerns one of the two partners always has consequences for the stability of the couple.

When to consult a sex therapist?

The reasons for consultation are various:

For the man :

  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • Difficulty ejaculating
  • Loss of desire…

For the woman :

  • Decline of desire
  • Difficulties in having a Orgasm
  • Unawareness of their body
  • Pain during penetration
  • Vaginismus

“Patients come primarily for desire disorders, such as reduced desire”completes Isabelle Braun-Lestrat, who adds: “Some women who have an important relationship with religion also consult because they have questions about their sexuality. Finally, couples can come after the birth of a child because they experience difficulties in their sexuality. The relationship between The man and the woman have been modified: often the father finds it difficult to find his place as a man and the mother her place as a woman.”

The term “sex therapist” is not regulated. Thus, someone can work as a sexologist without any training and claim to be a “sexologist” overnight. It is important not to be mistaken in the choice of the practitioner who will take care of these very intimate problems. Many unqualified people, sometimes even charlatans, take advantage of the lack of regulation to consult people weakened by their sexual difficulties. “However, we see that there are more and more regulations since the establishment within Unesco of a Sexual Health & Human Rights Chair in 2010”, shade Isabelle Braun-Lestrat.

What’s the fare ? Is it reimbursed?

If the prices vary according to the practitioners, but also according to the regions, they are generally included between 70 and 100 euros per consultation. These consultations can be reimbursed by health insurance when they are carried out by doctors, midwives or sexologist physiotherapists.

What studies to become a sexologist?

It is necessary to follow an additional training of two to three years, then to validate several examinations and to present a memory, to become a sexologist. “Currently in France, there is a university degree in sexology and two recognized major schools: the French Society of Clinical Sexology and the French School of Clinical Sexology.”

Where can I find a sex therapist or a sex therapist?

You can find sexology consultations in some hospitals. Sexology consultations are often attached to urology, gynecology, psychology or endocrinology departments. Consulting sexologists in the private sector is possible. Besides, the National Union of Clinical Sexologists and the National Union of Sexologist Doctors offer non-exhaustive lists of sexologists on their sites.

“During the consultation, we often do face-to-face work, where listening and educational discussion at the behavioral and cognitive level are paramount”, says Isabelle Braun-Lestrat. The sexologist provides information and advice on sexuality and can prescribe exercises to be performed alone or as a couple. Doctors and midwives are the only ones authorized to examine you. The latter can prescribe medication in certain situations, such as erectile dysfunction, for example.

It is not necessary to prepare for a consultation. “However, if you do not feel comfortable with the sex therapist, do not hesitate to change it”concludes Isabelle Braun-Lestrat.

Thanks to Isabelle Braun-Lestrat, psychologist and clinical sexologist, vice-president of the National Union of Clinical Sexologists.


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