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Wealthy American man resorts to injecting his 17-year-old son’s blood to avoid aging

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For this, this Silicon Valley entrepreneur spends several million dollars each year to develop the best anti-aging program in the world. Recently, in his quest, he went as far as getting his 17-year-old son’s blood plasma transfused. Bryan Johnson already follows a very expensive protocol that he details on his YouTube channel, called the Blueprint Project. This program includes diet, intensive sports training and rigorous medical treatments aiming to reverse the aging process of its organs. To design and implement this program, the millionaire assembled a team of thirty doctors and performs regular tests and care. These include lasers, peels, MRIs, electrocardiograms, blood tests and colonoscopies. This approach seems to be bearing fruit, since analyzes have shown a decrease of at least five years in his “global biological age”.

The quest for youth

The entrepreneur wanted to go even further and test a more controversial technique. Some think that the blood of children or adolescents has rejuvenating properties for older people. This belief is based in part on tests performed on mice, who suggested that older rodents gained life expectancy by absorbing the blood of younger animals. THE rare tests carried out on humans, however, have yielded few results. Moreover, this belief is associated with a conspiracy theory claiming that the members of the world’s elite use adrenochrome molecules from the blood of sacrificed children to rejuvenate (source 1).

To clarify this question, Bryan Johnson nevertheless decided to conduct the experiment on himself, with the help of his family. Thus, his 17-year-old son, Talmage, gave his blood to him, while Bryan gave his blood to his 77-year-old father, Richard. The three men went to a clinic near Dallas (USA), where they exchanged their blood plasma, from a liter of blood taken from Talmage and Bryan. Currently, the contractor did not report results of this experience.

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