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Wasp repellents: natural solutions, insecticides, what to do outside?

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Soft and natural solutions to keep wasps away are to be preferred in order to avoid poisoning. Nevertheless, don’t let a wasp’s nest ruin your vacation and opt for an effective insecticide.

How to keep wasps away naturally?

If a few wasps are ruining your lunches and picnics, a few natural solutions could be useful to you.

Coffee grounds to control wasps

Did you know that wasps hate the smell of burnt coffee ? So don’t throw away the coffee grounds. Keep this one. Do not hesitate to use it during a lunch on the terrace in order to keep away any surprise guests.

Put some coffee grounds in an empty can or in aluminum foil. Burn the grounds with a lighter or a match. The coffee grounds will burn like an incense stick.

Note that this natural solution would be just as effective in keeping mosquitoes away.

Cloves, a repressive that shuts us up

If you like the terraces of bistros in the summer season, then you could not miss the small plates arranged on the tables and containing cloves freshly crushed. This restaurant trick is great for keeping wasps away while you enjoy your chicken fries. Do not hesitate to do the same in your own garden furniture.

Anti-wasps essential oils

THE essential oils are concentrates of powerful aromatic compounds, obtained by steam distillation of aromatic plants, rich in active principles. With their intense smell, they help keep harmful insects away. Wasps turn around when they smell certain essential oils like:

  • I’lavender essential oil ;
  • I’lemongrass essential oil ;
  • I’scented rose geranium essential oil ;
  • I’clove essential oil.

Take your 100 mL spray bottle and add 12 drops of one or more of these essential oils. Fill with modified alcohol, close the cap, and after shaking well, your synergy is ready to be used.

Be careful, essential oils are contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 6 years old.

How to get rid of wasps permanently?

If you are regularly invaded by wasps, certain effective products can be integrated into your maintenance routine for your interior and.or exterior.

Lemongrass, a natural product with long-lasting effectiveness

There lemongrass (also called Indian verbena) is a plant known for its repellent properties. It repels wasps, bees, hornets and mosquitoes alike. For an effective and lasting effect, you can get citronella in the form of a diffuser, a spiral, a ball, a shepherd’s lamp or even a scented candle. Feel free to affix a few cut lemongrass leaves to your dining room or kitchen table.

Clean your interior with white vinegar

Did you know that white vinegar was a good wasp repellent. Indeed, the vinegar disrupts their behavior and blocks their line of pheromones. Wasps communicate with each other by leaving pheromones in their path. This allows them to find their way back to their nest. By using white vinegar, you disrupt their communication system. This makes them unable to find their way back and return to their nest. Alcohol vinegar therefore does not kill wasps, but simply prevents them from settling in your garden or house.

All you have to do is clean your interior and your terrace/garden furniture with alcohol vinegar to replace your usual chemical cleaning products.

When and how to scare away wasps with insecticides?

In the market for insecticides against hornets and wasps, you can find many products that are generally equal. They are recommended if you need to get rid of a wasp nest quickly and efficiently.

  • THE insecticides inaerosols are suitable if you want to reach a distant and high nest with a long throw.
  • THE powder insecticides are more effective and more suitable for larger nests or underground nests. These products must be placed at the entrance to the wasp nest.
  • THE liquid wasp traps are much less toxic to your health. However, they will always be less effective than tackling a wasp nest head-on.

If you choose a chemical product, it is essential to respect the precautions for use recommended by the manufacturer.

Keep children and pets away from the nesting place. Adopt the most covering outfit possible. Cover your hands with gloves and hide your face first. Step away once applied to avoid toxic fumes. Once the intervention is complete, check that there are no more wasps before detaching the nest.

Finally, remember that it is best to hire a pest control company if you have a lot of wasps invading your garden. He will know how to proceed safely.

How to keep wasps away outdoors?

A few solutions make it possible to overcome wasps in your outdoor space, all in a sustainable way and without chemicals.

The scarer, to scare wasps

I’ scarer is a device that looks like a honeycomb but is actually a soft fabric bag with an imitation honeycomb pattern. Wasps strictly avoid invading the space of other species. Thus, if the wasps come across a foreign nest, they instinctively flee it and look for another place to build their own.

A vegetable garden, to keep wasps away

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, do not hesitate to grow vegetables and use the leaves of the plants to keep wasps away. Some plants have a repellent effect on wasps, such as tomatoes (tomato plants), of the mint, of basilof thyme or even jasmine… For example, place tomato plants on your outdoor tables and dining areas.

An ultrasound box

The ultrasound box is a device that emits specific ranges of ultrasound specific to wasps and hornets. These ultrasounds disrupt the sensory and orientation capacities of insects. These devices are particularly effective in an open environment.

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