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Warts: should we believe in the placebo effect?

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While warts are most often located on the fingers or the back of the hand, they can also be present on the feet. It is small benign swellings induced by a virus of the papillomavirus type. It’s not always easy to get rid of them, they often disappear spontaneously in a few months. But, some stubborn warts won’t go away.

The treatment to be implemented is decided according to the age of the patient, the location of the warts and their types. Most often it is cryotherapy which is used. This method consists of locally applying liquid nitrogen which freezes the wart and detaches it from its base. In some cases, the doctor may resort to curettage, under local anesthesia which consists of removing the cutaneous wart. “It is reserved for single large warts and / or connected to the body by a small piece of skin. A painful scar can remain after the intervention”, underlines Ameli Santé.

Psychostimulating solutions

There are also chemical methods of treatment to make warts disappear with so-called keratolytic treatments (eliminating the superficial layer of the skin) also called verrucides. They are put directly on the wart but are to be used only for certain locations.

Are placebos an effective solution? Asked by LCI, dermatologist Laurence Netter explains that she also uses so-called psychostimulant solutions : “When I was at the Trousseau hospital, a friend had carried out an experiment for her thesis: she had the warts of 300 children circled in color. Another group of children had received nothing. it turned out that in the group of psychostimulated children, the warts disappeared much faster. It’s the placebo effect“.

Before concluding: “The placebo effect in the treatment of warts has been demonstrated. This is why there are still healers in the countryside who specialize in warts… Because curiously, it works “. So, to each his own trick to get rid of warts!

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