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Walking backwards: what are the benefits of this new physical activity?

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Jack McNamara, Lecturer in clinical exercise physiology at the University of East London, said in an article by The Conversation, (source 1) that the walking backwards could have positive effects on health problems and would be effective for weight loss. Joint protection, better stability and balanceso many advantages that are not necessarily those of conventional walking.

“Walking backwards can improve gait and balance in healthy adults and people with knee osteoarthritis,” says the expert.

The obligation to take steps shorter and more regular improves themuscular endurance all in reducing the load on our joints. As far as weight loss is concerned, classic walking already works, but walking backwards would be more efficient: according to a study(source 2) the Energetic cost of the body when walking backwards would be 40% higher than in conventional walking, for the same speed.

A few precautions

If walking backwards promises miracles, it is nonetheless unconventional and unusual. the lack of vision and the risk of missing an obstacle must be taken into account. For this, the expert advises to start indoors, then move outside to a flat and open place and why not end up backward race, if walking becomes too easy. (source 3)

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