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Ultra-easy homemade preparation with essential oils to sleep well

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One can easily find ready-made preparations with several essential oils to improve sleep. However, these solutions can only be used for insomnia problems. Here is a preparation to make yourself to sleep well.

I propose today to make yourself a natural preparation to sleep well. The essential oils that we are going to use in our homemade preparation can be reused later for other actions (because, of course, each essential oil has many properties).

What you need

  • We start by choosing a vegetable oil which will serve as a basis for our preparation: I chose Macadamia vegetable oil for its good penetration into the epidermis. Its pump bottle facilitates application. I took the Phytosun brand, because it is ORGANIC and Ecocert certified, but you will find Macadamia oil in a pump bottle in other brands.

To dilute in this vegetable oil, I have chosen 4 essential oils with relaxing, tranquilizing and sedative properties.

  • L’Petitgrain bitter orange essential oilcalming of the nervous system, sedative, tranquilizing, and, what does not spoil anything, slightly antidepressant.
  • L’fine lavender essential oil for its marked anxiolytic effect, as well as for its relaxing, sedative and antispasmodic properties.
  • L’Shell marjoram essential oil rebalancing the nervous system, de-stressing, tranquilizing, relaxing and antispasmodic.
  • And to finish theYlang ylang essential oilfor its relaxing and antispasmodic virtues, but also for its intense sweet fragrance… so pleasant when used in massage.


I remove the pump nozzle from my Macadamia vegetable oil. And I introduce in my vegetable oil 20 drops of each essential oil.

I stir everything together so that everything mixes perfectly.

There you go, my homemade preparation for sleeping well is ready.

A foot massage in the evening before going to bed

Every night, before going to bed, I massage this oil into my feet.

Put a little of this preparation in your hands and start by massaging the whole foot. When the foot is warm, massage the top of the foot at the level of the toes, taking care to also pass well between the toes. Massage each toe one by one.

Then massage the bottom of the foot in small circles, first towards the top of the foot (towards the toes), then go down towards the middle of the foot, always in small circles, and finish with the heel and the back of the ankle.

I use my preparation at the level of the feet because, according to the principles of reflexologyit is great for relaxationbut nothing prevents you from massage the neck and upper back with this solution if you find it relaxes you more.

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