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Typical breakfast of a very French Aussie

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After her studies, Marie-Jo flew to Australia. Charmed by the Anglo-Saxon way of life, she settled there and quickly found a job. She resides in Trinity Beach near the city of Cairns in Queensland.

She kindly let us discover her morning routine to be on top all day.

Sunday morning at the cafe Trinity Beach

What to eat in the morning? The answer with this article from a very French Australian.

1.Bristot espresso black coffee without sugar

2.Papaya compote with vanilla, always without sugar

3.Buttered toast (without salt) with homemade papaya jam

4.Star apple


Jumping out of bed

My first gesture is to make a mouthwash with two big spoons ofvirgin coconut oil. This takes about twenty minutes, yes you just have to get up very early, and then anyway, you can take the opportunity to start the coffee, peel your fruit, toast your toast and go in the shower – cold for those who are not cold-eyed. The second gesture to make is to swallow a large glass of water, no fuss, that of the tap is enough.

Espresso coffee with vanilla rum

I recently found an excellent Italian espresso coffee that allowed me to replace my three Lavazza coffees with one strong cup. On Sunday mornings, I dress it with a dollop of vanilla rum.

Fruit packed with vitamins

It’s star apple season (Chrysophyllum cainito) at the moment, and their delicate taste forces logic, it will be the first thing I will eat, besides casually, it is rich in calcium, so good for old nonoss. It’s nice a star apple, but it’s a bit light weight, isn’t it? Hence a banana after. It’s not expensive, it’s always in season and it’s filling. Ok not very elegant as a summary but it is the perfect fruit.

Trinity Beach

As for the papaya compote, it couldn’t be easier to make. A large scraped ripe fruit and a mini vanilla pod, and hop in the microwave for 4-5 minutes.

Starting with fruits is still a matter of logic. Since they are stuffed with vitamins, you have to take full advantage of them. And they pass more easily from the stomach to the intestines. Eaten at the end of the meal, apparently it ferments (yuck). I avoid eating acid fruits such as grapefruit, oranges or kiwis in the morning, because it forces me to wait half an hour before brushing my teeth, the acid of these fruits weakens the enamel of the teeth or at least this I have some enamel left…

sourdough bread

I like the sourdough bread (sourdough) and toasted bread with unsalted butter, coated in papaya jam. What more papaya… Yeah, before Bonne Maman and Materne were fashionable, well we did with what we had on hand, right?

Krill oil capsules

Sitting in front of a steaming coffee, the smell of toast and the pretty colors of the fruit, this is my breakfast. He celebrates a new day, a mini party what. And here I am ready. Oh no I forgot my oil capsule krill, the new supplement that has dethroned fish oil. Please note that this product is not recommended for people with seafood allergies.

And what do we eat for lunch?

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