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Two new organic hair salons committed to sustainable development

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The two “Beauté Bio” salons in the Ile-de-France region have just obtained the “Sustainable development, my hairdresser is committed” label. Located in Poissy and St Germain en Laye, the two establishments have been rewarded for their commitment to the planet and the well-being of all, customers and employees alike.

The Beauté Bio hairdressing salons located in Yvelines recently obtained a label which rewards their commitment to the environment and the well-being of their customers and their hairdressers.

This ecological label was created especially for hairdressing salons which are committed on a daily basis to the well-being of people and to the ecological impact of their activity. Indeed, a hairdressing salon is very energy-intensive, the consumption of water and electricity is very high, but also that of chemicals and non-ecological products that pollute and affect the health of customers and staff alike.

To gratify and encourage exhibitions respectful of sustainable development and well-being of everyone, the Hairdressing Institutions (by which we mean the hairdressing professionals) have set up this ecological label aimed at reducing the ecological impact of this profession, the 2nd artisanal branch in France after the building sector.

In concrete terms, the “Mon coiffure s’engage” label is awarded to salons that focus their efforts on: energy savingsthe quality of the products usedair quality, waste management, layout of the workspace (ergonomic chair, product quality… to improve the quality of life at work and fight against musculoskeletal disorders or allergies), the well-being of customers, etc. The Organic beauty salons are today part of this category which, it is hoped, will count with the years more and more ambassadors of sustainable development.

The organic beauty salons, like all holders of the “Mon coiffure s’engage” label, care about natural resources and are particularly attentive to the products they use. Thus, these are natural and 100% plant-based products that they apply on a daily basis. These are 2 addresses that we highly recommend to take care of your hair!

Practical information

  • Organic Beauty Salon – 10, rue Sandrier – 78 300 Poissy – 01 84 19 07 89
  • Organic Beauty Salon – 20, rue André Bonnenfant – 78 100 Saint Germain en Laye – 01 84 19 19 61

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