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The social plan provides for a bonus of 6,000 euros for dismissed employees

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The social plan at Camaïeu is revealed. The legal representatives presented Monday to the representatives of the staff of the ready-to-wear brand, a plan to safeguard employment (PSE) which provides, among other things, for a bonus of 6,000 euros for each of the approximately 2,100 dismissed employees.

The social and economic committee meeting on Monday took note of the proposed measures, amounting to around 20 million euros, according to the internal union Upae. The PSE, presented unilaterally by the legal representatives in charge of the judicial liquidation, must now be validated by the DREETS (Regional Directorate for the Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity).

Help for setting up a business

The plan therefore provides for the payment of a bonus of 6,000 euros for each employee, including 3,000 exempt from contributions and taxes, paid in addition to the minimum severance pay, said Upae on its Facebook page Monday evening. In addition, a budget of 7.244 million euros will be used to support employees, through aid for training, business creation, or geographical mobility, with a ceiling of 3,450 to 4,450 euros per employee.

The ready-to-wear chain had assured the court that the proceeds of sales made the last three days before the stores closed on the evening of October 1 would improve the conditions of departure of the approximately 2,100 dismissed employees. According to the CGT and the CFDT, quoting the management, this turnover amounts to 25.2 million euros and the bonus of 6,000 euros for the approximately 2,100 employees is therefore equivalent to approximately half of this sum.

Taken over in 2020 by Hermione People and Brands (HPB), a subsidiary of the Financière immobilière bordelaise (FIB) of businessman Michel Ohayon, Camaïeu was placed in liquidation on September 28 by the Commercial Court of Lille. The dismissals must be formalized by mail within the week, specified the Upae.

At the same time, CGT lawyer Fiodor Rilov announced on October 4 that he was summoning the shareholder for interim measures to try to obtain the accounting documents which would make it possible to know, in particular, whether funds were transferred between Camaïeu and other companies in the group and if certain commitments made have not been kept. According to the lawyer, 250 employees have joined this appeal which should be filed early next week.

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