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The salary of French nurses among the lowest in Europe?

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Lack of resources, tired staff, overload of services… The hospital world has been suffering for years. Covid-19 and the current bronchiolitis epidemic have not helped matters. Workers in the sector kept calling for help. And neuropediatrician Mélodie Aubart, guest of France Info on Tuesday November 1, said that French nurses are poorly paid, especially compared to their European neighbors. According to her, “we are penultimate on salaries in Europe compared to the average salary”.

A statement that did not fail to shock some. “How can France want to be developed when those who have to save lives are exploited? “, asks a user after watching the show. For others, we already knew:
Medical staff have been alerting us for years, but no one wants to listen. What is this statement really about? 20 minutes make the point.


During the interview broadcast on television, Mélodie Aubart makes it clear: she does not compare the salaries of nurses in the different European countries. This is a comparison between the salary of nurses compared to the average salary in their country. And these words did not come out of nowhere. They come from a study published in October last by a French association, Fipeco. It is based on hospital expenditure figures in France and Europe in 2020.

In this ranking, France is actually one of the only two countries where the salary of nurses is clearly below the average salary. “France and Switzerland were the only European countries where the average salary of nurses was significantly lower than the average salary in the whole economy in 2019”, notes the study. The gap was 9% in France and 15% in Switzerland.

In the other large European countries, on the contrary, the salary of nurses is either equal to or significantly higher than the average salary. The study also concludes that: “France was therefore making a greater collective effort than other European countries to finance its hospitals in 2020, in particular a high number of hospital jobs, although the nursing staff there were less well paid. And to add: “This financial effort enabled it to offer a higher number of beds per inhabitant than in the other major European countries, with the exception of Germany. »

These data are still to be taken with caution because they date from 2019 and 2020. Before the Ségur de la santé which allowed a salary increase of at least 290 euros net monthly for French nurses.

If, as several Internet users had understood, we compare the average salary of nurses here and in other European countries, France does not appear in the last two. A report by the group of economists European DataLab published end of 2020places my France is in 12th place, just above the median.

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