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O+ is the 1st blood group in the world. 38% of the world’s population is O positive.

O+ is the 1st blood group in the world. 38% of the world’s population is O positive. Here are the characteristics of the O+ blood group

► No antigen on its surface: blood group O has no protein on the surface of its red blood cells, so they can be transfused to all blood groups without problems.

► Rhesus: positive. Rhesus negative people cannot receive rhesus positive blood. Only A+, B+, AB+ and O+ individuals can receive these red blood cells.

► Antibodies: the plasma that makes up the blood includes anti-A and anti-B antibodies in people with group O, all rhesus combined. In the presence of red blood cells of blood groups A, B and AB, the antibodies destroy them as if they were attacking a virus. We are talking about hemolysis. O+ people can only be transfused with O+ and O- red blood cells.

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