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the list of dangerous insecticides!

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7% of French people have been victims of a bedbug infestation in their home. But beware of chemicals that are responsible for poisoning, alert ANSES which gives other safer methods to get rid of them effectively!

Bed bugs are a real hell for those who are victims of them. Every year, around 7% of French people would be affected by an invasion of these small parasites, reports theNational Health Security Agency (ANSES) in a press release dated December 21, 2022.”Their presence does not reflect no lack of cleanlinessand anyone can be the victim of an infestation in their home“, would like to remind the health authority. To get rid of it quickly, using chemicals is tempting. However, these are dangerous and can be responsible for poisoning. They are to be used only as a last resort! The Poison centers record increasing number of cases of poisoning, including severe poisoning and one death, caused by the chemicals used to control these pests. Some of its products also contain substances banned in France. What are the warning symptoms? Which methods to choose if you want to fight against bed bugs?

List of examples: what are bedbug chemicals?

According to the biocidal product toxicovigilance reportthe products responsible for the poisonings identified by the poison control centers were mainly insecticides from the family of pyrethrums or pyrethroids (in 53.5% of cases). Massive use (manifestation greater than recommended use) or repeated use was reported in 10.8% of cases. In 4.2% of casesthe insecticide used contained a substance prohibited for this use such as: dichlorvos, malathion, aluminum phosphide, rotenone. Repellent, insecticidal spray, smoke… There are chemical products on the market designed to fight against bed bugs. Be careful because most are reserved for professional use (this is not necessarily the case for all the products listed below). For example, there is:

  • Anti bed bugs Teskad® Concentrated Insecticide
  • Mythic® Bed Bug Insecticide Spray (Professionals Only)
  • Anti bed bugs Insecticide to Dilute Aurodil Super Pb® (for professionals only)
  • Excellium® professional bed bug fumigator (for professionals only)

Prefer natural products without active substances or biocides (certified in France) such as:

  • Armosa® anti-bedbug fumigant (natural origin: vegetable pyrethrum)
  • Biocinov® Diatomaceous Earth Spray (natural origin: diatomaceous earth)

What are the symptoms of poisoning with products against bedbugs?

The main symptoms of bed bug chemical poisoning are:

  • A difficulty breathing
  • Of the cough
  • A pain or oropharyngeal irritation
  • Itches
  • Of the headache
  • Dizziness

What are the natural ways to get rid of bed bugs?

To get rid of bedbugs, and before resorting to insecticides, the Ministry of Health recommends favor the following practices:

► Using a vacuum cleaner, meticulously vacuum all surfaces to capture eggs and parasites. Then clean the vacuum cleaner ductwrap the bag in a plastic bag and throw it in an outdoor trash can to avoid contaminating other places

Machine wash clothes and linens over 55°C

► In the absence of a washing machine, put the clothes in the freezer at -17°C for at least 72 hours (3 days)

► Clean corners or upholstery with a high temperature dry steamer (at least 120°C), (available for rent), which destroys all stages of bedbugs.

In case of failure of the previously mentioned methods, it is recommended to contact a pest control specialist rather than applying yourself insecticide products. In any case, after applying the products, it is essential to respect the indicated re-entry period, that is to say the period from which one can return to the treated place. This avoids any risk of intoxication, concludes ANSES. Also, it is strongly advised not to spray chemicals on the mattresses.

Sources: Bed bugs: use chemicals as a last resort / Poison Control Centers

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