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The Ile-de-France region creates its mutual insurance company and announces 20% cheaper rates

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It is an innovation that could be emulated. Ile-de-France is the first region in France to set up its mutual health insurance system, called “Île-de-France mutual health insurance”. Launched with Harmonie Mutuelle, Axa and La Mutuelle Familiale, the new complementary in the region will be available from February 1, 2023, and will offer rates 20% cheaper compared to the average market price, claims the community.

“One of the region’s missions, in my opinion, is to reduce fractures and if there is a fracture, it is certainly that of health: there is a huge gap between those who are covered and those who are not. », Argues the president of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse, with 20 minutes. She also claims to have noted an “explosion of costs” of mutuals, in particular for retirees and students.

80 euros savings per year for a 20-year-old

The initial objective was to lower costs by 30%, but the president of the region admits that she has not been able to find an “economic model” to go that far. Nevertheless, the inhabitants should still gain: according to the simulations of the region, a 75-year-old Ile-de-France woman currently contributes an average of 1,400 euros per year and should save around 280 euros with the new mutual. A 20-year-old, who currently spends an average of 400 euros, could save 80 euros over the year.

Young people and the elderly are the target audience for the new mutual, as well as self-employed workers and job seekers. “I realized during the presidential campaign of the tragedy in terms of the purchasing power of retirees,” says Valérie Pécresse, according to whom the latter see their costs double at the time of retirement.

Ten sessions reimbursed with the psychologist

The health care basket of the new mutual is suitable for people from the middle class who do not roll on gold. It corresponds to a guarantee table positioned between levels 1 and 2 usually offered by complementary health insurance organizations (OCAM). The region also promises a boost for care that is usually poorly supported: medical, surgical and dental fees, a dietary assessment, as well as 10 psychological support sessions. A dozen acts not reimbursed by Social Security are also covered, such as spa treatment, acupuncture or osteopathy.

Valérie Pécresse also wanted to ensure that women are not harmed: for example, they will be able to benefit from a hair prosthesis in the event of chemotherapy, and the means of contraception will be particularly supported.

This new mutual, which can be registered online, via a toll-free number or in partner agencies, should not cost much to the community. “The Ile-de-France region offers its power to partners,” explains Valérie Pécresse. Ile-de-France is one of the regions where people receive the best treatment, there are large hospitals, the population is young, and I thought that insuring people from the Ile-de-France region could be a good deal for insurers. and therefore that they would agree to make prices. And where I am happy is that the contribution from the region is weak. All in all, a good deal for everyone.

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