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The French kiss or the art of kissing with the tongue

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Definition: what does french kiss mean? Who practices this art of kissing?

“The French kiss designates a kiss from mouth to mouth, lips open and which involves the tongue. It is not necessarily reserved for couples and can therefore be practiced between lovers, genders and sexes combined; but also in a public place or in a private sphere” features sexologist Diane Deswarte. She adds: “The French kiss can in certain cases precede a sexual intercourse but not necessarily.”

In a more familiar jargon, we can also say: “roll a galoche, a palot or a skate” to express the French kiss.

Besides, why this name? What is the origin of the expression french kiss?

French kiss is an anglicism literally meaning “French kiss”. This expression dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries, a time when a large number of travelers and American soldiers, in particular, traveled to France. Surprised to see French people kissing passionately with the tongue, they would have given the name “French kiss” to this languorous kiss. In England, french kiss has even become a verb used today: “I french kiss her”, which means “I kiss her (with the tongue)”.
But if this expression is indeed based on the image of French romanticism, its origin would be older. “The French kiss would have been brought from India by Alexandre Le Grand” slips Diane Deswarte. “India, cradle of many spiritualities and of the Kamasutra, a true guide for lovers which listed, among other things, different types of kisses: several with the tongue.”

“Rolling a galosh”: a sexual practice in its own right?

“In the sense that kissing with the tongue can heighten desire and excitement, the French kiss is indeed part of sexual practices as defined in the context of sexual intercourse. It would be simplistic to think that a sexual practice is limited to the genitals by excluding everything that can contribute to pleasure such as hugs, erogenous zones…” underlines Diane Deswarte. The mouth is also scientifically classified among the “intensely erogenous zones” in the same way as the feet or the neck. (source 1).

The beneficial effects of the “French kiss”

Strengthen. According to Dutch researchers, “slouching” would lead to an exchange of 50 million bacteria on average, and up to 80 million bacteria for the most languorous. Enough to boost your antibodies and even develop immunity against certain infections or even allergies (source 2).

Calm down. “Kissing releases hormones such as the so-called ‘well-being hormone’ endorphin. The French kiss, therefore, naturally has an anti-stress action” illustrates the sexologist.

Boost love. “The French kiss is a deep and languorous kiss which can reinforce the love bond thanks to the great intimacy and proximity offered by this exchange with the tongue. And also, thanks to the hormones of love, oxytocins, which are released during this kiss” continues Diane Deswarte.

Take care of your teeth. Kissing is also good for dental health, according to American dentists. The excess saliva produced by the kiss would indeed eliminate part of the dental plaque and strengthen the enamel (source 3). However, maintaining good oral hygiene goes without saying!

Among the other advantages of the French kiss, we can add those of the “classic kiss”: lower blood pressure, muscle the face or even lose pounds. It would indeed take a minute of kisses to lose three calories… Go courage!

How to make a successful French kiss with the tongue?

“First of all, don’t try to do like in the movies!” Humorous the sexologist. Because yes, if there are a few tips to handle for a successful French kiss, such as tilting your head slightly to the side, closing your eyes, gently pressing your lips against those of your partner, without forgetting the basics of having fresh breath, the sexologist adds: “The most important thing is to follow your instincts and to ask his/her partner if he/she likes it so that the pleasure is truly shared. The French kiss is the freedom to dare with consent on the other of course.”
And depending on whether it is exchanged in a public place such as on a bench or in a more “private” relationship, preceding sexual intercourse or not, the intensity and the way of kissing may vary.

Forget the idea that there would be a better way to turn your tongue or a particular way to touch, caress, or look at the other during the kiss. Only practice can perfect this art of kissing. For those who would like to learn more about their sexuality and more particularly about sexual desire, the sexologist is preparing to release a book in June: “Sexplorer: desire” published by Mango.

For fun…the most beautiful French kisses in cinema

How many movie kisses have aroused the desire to kiss in turn? There was the most legendary and cinematic erotic elevator kiss (“Drive”) between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet at the bow of the Titanic. Among many others .. when Han Solo and Léïa finally kiss in “Star Wars, the Empire strikes back” or the one that Johnny Depp gives to Amy Locane in “Cry Baby”.

Contraindications of kissing with the tongue

“Apart from having to adapt the kiss if there is braces or a mouth piercing for example, there are no other significant contraindications with the French kiss” expresses Diane Deswarte. And the idea that HIV/AIDS could be transmitted through saliva is indeed to be ruled out. Kissing a carrier HIV is not a risk situation of contamination and presents no risk (source 4). On the other hand, beware of whom you kiss, via the kiss, certain viral diseases such as mononucleosis can be transmitted… The latter, if it is generally not very serious, remains very contagious even after recovery..

Precautions say, good French kiss!

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