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the company managing the Bataclan hall and the inhabitants of Saint-Denis recognized as victims by the courts

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Justice declared admissible, Tuesday, October 25, a large number of people who had become civil parties to the trial of the attacks of November 13, and recognized in particular the status of victims at Bataclan and residents of Saint-Denis.

The admissibility of the company managing the Bataclan room and the inhabitants of a building in Saint-Denis partially destroyed during a police assault during which two members of the jihadist commandos were killed, were among those contested by the ministry. audience.

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50 civil parties inadmissible

More than 2,600 people, survivors or relatives of the 130 dead and hundreds of people injured during these attacks, as well as legal persons, have become civil parties to the criminal trial which ended on June 29 after ten months of debates.

According to the civil judgment delivered on Tuesday, four months after the verdict condemning all the defendants, including Salah Abdeslam, to life imprisonment, the special assize court in Paris declared fifty of these civil parties inadmissible. Among them, the municipalities of Paris and Saint-Denis, which invoked material and image damage.

On the contrary, the judges accepted the constitutions of civil parties of a large number of direct or indirect victims, as well as companies managing the Bataclan and the various cafe terraces machine-gunned by the jihadists on November 13.

The court also admitted a causal link between the offenses for which certain defendants were convicted and the damage resulting from the police assault and the explosion on November 18, 2015 of the explosive vest of Chakib Akrouh, buried in a building in Saint -Denis with the operational chief of the commandos, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Consequently, the owners and tenants of this residence in Seine-Saint-Denis who claimed recognition of their victim status and who justified their presence on the premises at the time of the events are declared admissible.

Convicts required to repair damage

For these facts, the court declared Salah Abdeslam and twelve of his former co-defendants civilly liable and jointly and severally liable to repair the damage caused by the explosion. All of the final convicts – with the exception of Farid Kharkhach, who was not convicted of terrorism – are also jointly and severally liable to repair the damage caused to the civil parties on November 13, 2015.

During the civil hearing on July 5, the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office challenged the constitutions of around a hundred civil parties, considering that they were “unfortunate witnesses” and not direct victims of the attacks that left 130 dead in Paris and Saint-Denis.

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