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The benefits of hydrotherapy | Well-being click

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Hydrotherapy is an alternative medicine which, as its name suggests, uses the virtues of thermal water. The water used for these cures is still recognized by the Academy of Medicine.

What is thermalism?

the hydrotherapy has as its principle the use of local thermal waters for medical purposes. These waters, coming from natural underground sources, are generally very concentrated in minerals.

They have recognized therapeutic virtues that were already appreciated by the Romans. Depending on its mineralization and its temperature, each thermal water meets very specific needs, and the pathologies that can be relieved by this means are numerous. It is no coincidence that every year 500,000 people follow a spa treatment every year in the 110 spa centers in France. This represents more than 9 million days of care per year!

Exceptional natural resources for the body

Thermal water is therapeutic water. Depending on its source, it can be bicarbonated, sulphurated, chlorinated, sulphated or rich in trace elements and low in minerals. Its effects are obtained, in most cases, through hydrotherapy (immersion in a bath). In addition, according to the pathologies, the curists also receive treatments based on mud, gas or steam of natural origin.

Real benefits in the medium term

To feel the benefits of hydrotherapy, it is necessary to follow an annual spa treatment for several successive years. This is why this therapy is often prescribed to people suffering from a chronic disease. Among the benefits felt, spa guests testify to a feeling of well-being, compared to just taking their daily treatment. This results, for example, in a considerable reduction in pain, functional progress resulting in greater mobility, improved sleep, and therefore a better quality of life. It has been observed that patients take fewer medications at the end of their medical stay in a thermal establishment, in particular anti-inflammatories. It should also be taken into account that drug treatment sometimes leads to undesirable effects, whereas thermal water is not affected by this problem. Finally, spa guests also note the quality of the medical service provided by hydrotherapy.

Quality medical support

The benefits of hydrotherapy are enhanced by the synergy between the special mineral content of the thermal water and the treatments provided at the center by a medical team. These professionals are trained in specific techniques, including hydromassage, functional rehabilitation, mud wraps and balneotherapy. The spa establishments are equipped with modern facilities that are perfectly suited to the pathologies they treat.

On the other hand, during their stay, spa guests receive valuable personalized advice to better manage their illness. They can, for example, be accompanied in smoking cessation (thermal cure respiratory tract) or learn to rebalance their diet (thermal cure obesity). A psychologist is usually present and leads workshops. In some spas, patients can meet with a nutritionist. The positive effects of a spa treatment on the state of health are therefore due to the quality of the water, its composition and the support of the patient by an efficient medical team who listens to them six days a week, for three weeks. Of course, throughout the duration of the cure, each spa visitor benefits from medical supervision. He meets a spa doctor – specialist – at the beginning of the stay, in the middle and at the end.

A highly beneficial medical stay

Because of its positive action on the body and the mind, hydrotherapy is a real therapeutic strategy. A spa treatment represents a real break with everyday life. The living environment is focused on relaxation and specially designed to promote the serenity of spa guests. Treatment times are set individually. During this parenthesis, the patient can devote all his time to daily care and rest. People suffering in addition to a depressive state notice a marked improvement that lasts long after the spa treatment. Moreover, to potentiate the effects of the cure, the thermal establishments offer, alongside medically prescribed treatments, well-being and relaxation activities in thermal water baths.

The orientations concerned by hydrotherapy

Thermal medicine treats different pathologies. The benefits of hydrotherapy are proven, all orientations combined, concerning:

  • Child development disorders
  • rheumatology
  • Neurology
  • Obesity
  • Phlebology
  • The respiratory tracts
  • Conditions (urinary, digestive, bucco-lingual, psychosomatic)
  • Dermatology
  • gynecology
  • Cardioarterial diseases

In some thermal establishments, it is possible to follow a dual indication thermal cure. This makes it possible, during the same stay, to support two orientations. As soon as a spa treatment is medically prescribed and it is followed in an approved spa establishment, it is covered by health insurance.

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