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The Assembly rejects a new motion of censure LFI, the Social Security draft budget voted in new reading

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The National Assembly rejected, Monday, November 28, the new motion of censure La France insoumise (LFI) against the government, which was supported by only 93 deputies, which is worth adopting in new reading of the entire draft budget 2023 from Social Security.

This motion had been tabled in response to the constitutional weapon of 49.3, activated Friday evening for the sixth time in almost a month by Elisabeth Borne, to pass a budget text without a vote.

The Prime Minister castigated the ” tales and legends “ of LFI, accusing these deputies of ” fake news “ and of ” handling “, at the end of a long debate in which the interventions of the political groups focused more on form than on substance. The “rebellious” MP Ségolène Amiot accused the executive of “killing democracy slowly”and asked to “call the government to order as to the limits of its power”.

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Support of the entire left

While the climate has been particularly tense between opposition and the majority since invective Thursday evening in the hemicycle, the whole of the left has given its support to LFI. The “new method” of dialogue advocated by the head of government is “the rickety screen” of one “solitary exercise of power”criticized in particular the socialist Arthur Delaporte.

The head of government has denounced the ” legend “ from “forced passage”judging that he was not “not serious to speak of brutality, for the use of a constitutional tool, by which a government engages its responsibility in front of numerically more numerous oppositions”. “You tell us about a parallel world, where the French would have elected your dear leader” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, she also launched on the LFI benches. But “you don’t have a majority: neither absolute, nor relative, nor alternative”.

“Let’s stop wasting time”

Even if they are against this draft Social Security budget, the Republican deputies did not bring their votes to the motion, posing in “elected officials” who don’t want “cause dissolution” of the Assembly. The same for the Libertés, independents, overseas and territories group: “Let’s stop wasting time, let’s legislate”pleaded its co-president, Christophe Naegelen.

The National Rally (RN) deputies, unlike previous times, did not vote for the LFI text, judging that it ” no use “. Franck Allisio portrayed for the far-right party “an endless day” with “six times the same scene, six times the same play”.

The Social Security financing bill must pass Tuesday before the Senate in new reading, before returning Wednesday before the Assembly in final reading. The Prime Minister could then activate 49.3 one last time on this draft budget. The text provides for measures on prevention, medical deserts or savings for biology laboratories.

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