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The 4 unknown benefits of pepper

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Very often used in food, pepper has several health benefits. Which ? When it is ground? 5 berries? In herbal tea? Answers with Florence Foucaut, dietitian nutritionist and Olivier Derenne, expert and CEO of Comptoir des Poivres.

THE pepper (also called Piper Nigrum), we put it very easily in our dishes, every day. He enhances the tastealso perfumes… and also has health benefits. “It exists 5 varieties of real peppers : Piper Nigrum, Piper longum or retrofractum, Piper cubeba, Piper borbonense, explain to us Olivier Derenne, expert and CEO of Comptoir des peppers. Today, it is possible to find certain berries such as timut, sichuan or sansho with the name “Pepper”, but these berries do not belong to the Piperaceae family.” What are the benefits of pepper ? Does it help to digest ?

1. Pepper is anti-inflammatory

“Pepper is a spice that has been used for a very long time, especially in medicines against inflammatory pathologies in ancient Egyptinforms Florence Foucaut, dietitian-nutritionist. He contains piperine, “a substance that has anti-inflammatory properties”. For a more intense anti-inflammatory effect, the dietitian-nutritionist explains that pepper can be eaten with turmeric : “There is a synergy between the curcumin contained in turmeric and piperine, which are two anti-inflammatory substances. Piperine allows better absorption of curcumin.” Finally, note that black pepper is the one that contains the most piperine. “He contains more than white pepper continues our interlocutor. As for the gray pepper it does not exist as suchit is actually composed of white and black peppercorns reduced to powder”.

2. Pepper could help cure the common cold

No scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of pepper in the treatment of coldsexhibits Florence Foucaut. Nevertheless, pepper would have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, that could help cure the common cold.” Regarding its use, “we could consume it through food, but also in herbal tea in moderation“, indicates the dietitian-nutritionist.

3. Pepper can help with weight loss

Pepper as such does not make you lose weight, but what we do with it and how we use it can help with weight loss“, says Florence Foucaut. “The addition of pepper and aromatics helps reduce fat intake in dishes, because they add flavor” And “the fact ofhave more taste thanks to the different peppers or herbs makes it possible toexperience pleasure and eat less”.

4. Pepper would aid digestion

“The interest of pepper is that it stimulates the secretion of saliva and the creation of digestive enzymes: in small doses, it will help digestion” argues Florence Foucaut. Same for Sichuan “pepper” “which is not a pepper but a berry of the Rutaceae (citrus) family”, says Olivier Derenne. “Originally from China, this berry is widely used in Chinese medicine, it would have properties similar to those of pepper, it would promote transit and digestion, would fight against stomach aches.”

Cluster pepper © 123RF-Pongsak Dithongngam

“The pepper tea simply allows you to consume pepper in a different way“, explains Olivier Derenne, expert and CEO of Comptoir des Poivres. “Simply bring water to a boil and then add the peppercorns. Leave to infuse for a few minutes then strain. Personally, I recommend very coarsely crushing the grains for a better infusion. To soften and flavor your infusion, it is possible to add dried flowers, honey, or turmeric.”

Is ground pepper less beneficial?

“We must favor whole peppercorns, to preserve the best aromas, the taste will only be better, however, a ground pepper will have the same nutritional benefits than a peppercorn” responds Florence Foucaut.

What are the benefits of 5-berry pepper?

“It’s a mixture, it can be composed of different peppers and berries (black pepper, white pepper, pink berries, coriander, allspice, green pepper, etc.), explains Olivier Derenne.No study proves the health benefits of this type of mixture, but the piperine content of the pepper contained in it could give it anti-inflammatory properties” concludes Florence Foucaut.

Thanks to Florence Foucaut, dietitian nutritionist and Olivier Derenne, expert and CEO of Comptoir des Poivres.

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