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Tennis elbow: how to treat it? How to avoid it?

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Epicondylitis is one of the musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limb, indicates Health Insurance (source 1). Involvement of the elbow represents 22% of cases of musculoskeletal disorders after injuries to the wrist-fingers-hand (38%) and the shoulder (30%)”.

Epicondylitis or tennis elbow: what is it? What symptoms?

A tennis elbow is a inflammation of the tendons that connect the hand to the elbow and are used for wrist flexion (epicondylar tendons). Result: a elbow pain, awakened by tensioning or rotating the wrist. This pain appears following harmful gestures of the arm and the hand, repeated and intensive.

Epicondylitis can occur suddenly, shortly after starting a new job, for example, or gradually, after several years of the same job. It does not reach, most often, only one armusually the one who works (the dominant arm), ”explains the Health Insurance.

There elbow pain occurs in many situations : when the person repeats the gesture that caused epicondylitis, when he unbends the arm, bends the wrist while keeping the elbow stretched, grabs objects with the hand while keeping the arm stretched or performs a rotational movement.

What are the causes of tennis elbow or elbow tendonitis?

Often linked to a bad backhand technique, the tennis-elbow is the obsession of amateur tennis players and players, most widely concerned – unlike the pros – by this elbow tendonitis. But the practice of this sport is not its only cause. THE handymen and do-it-yourselfers or those who use the computer mouse are also affected. carrying heavy loads is also one of the risk factors for the appearance of epicondylitis.

Thus, certain professional activities are particularly implicated in the occurrence of epicondylitis. The professions concerned are those which require repeated or forceful movements of the fingers, wrist, and forearm.

Painas for her, can have different origins : “micro tears of the tendons, small lesions at the level of their insertion on the bone, etc. “.

What to do in case of epicondylitis? What is the best treatment?

A few things to do to relieve pain and calm inflammation.

Ice the elbow

You are hurt ? As soon as possible, ice your elbow, at least for 20 minutes. The challenge: not to let the pain settle in.

  • Ice cubes in a plastic bag do the trick at first;
  • Then, to repeat the operation several times a day, you can use a bag of frozen peas or buy “pack-cool” from pharmacies.

Relieve elbow pain

Different medications help reduce pain: paracetamol if the pain is severe, or local anti-inflammatories, to be applied by massage. THE diclofenac gel is often advised.

Hydrate regularly

Important: don’t forget to stay well hydrated. A lack of hydration can indeed promote tendinitis », emphasizes Dr. Jacqueline Jan. Also avoid alcohol and high protein diets for 48 hours.

Rest the wrist

It is essential put at rest your wrist.

Wear a splint if the pain is too strong

If the pain is really bad, a removable thermoformed wrist splint can be useful ; it is prescribed by a doctor.

Gradually return to sport and buy an elbow bracelet

For a resumption of tennis in particular, it is necessary wait to be pain free for at least a week. At the start, as a precaution, limit backhands, play with a weaker opponent, avoid tough guys who hit the ball hard, use a well-balanced racket that’s not too heavy… It’s during this recovery that he can be wise tobuy an elbow bracelet in a pharmacy. Worn approximately one centimeter below the elbow, it reduces the shock waves caused by hitting the ball (Condylex, Epimed, approx. €10, Futuro Custom-Dial, approx. €25).

How is tennis-elbow evolving? When should you consult?

Tennis elbow is a condition very painful which has repercussions on daily and professional life, recalls the Health Insurance. “However, she does not present no risk of progressionto a dangerous state. The evolution towards spontaneous healing is long, between 9 and 24 months with an average of 12 months. Early treatment speeds healing.”

Despite the adjunctive treatment, tennis elbow does not pass: what to do?

If the pain persists despite stopping physical activity, local treatments and hydration more than ten daysthat it is troublesome in daily life or that it prevents you from sleeping, it’s better to see a doctor who can refer you to a physiotherapist, as massages and physiotherapy can reduce pain.

In some cases, it is possible to prescribe a infiltration of corticosteroids in the epicondyle area, which “effectively relieves pain in the short term, but does not shorten the evolution time of epicondylitis”, informs the Health Insurance. Surgery is only considered after failure of medical treatment. It is considered in people with chronic epicondylitis.

Know that epicondylitis can be recognized as an occupational disease if it is related to your professional activity, remind the health insurance. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your employer.

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