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symptoms, adult, how to treat it?

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A serous or seromucous otitis is an inflammation of the middle ear associated with the presence of yellow serous fluid behind the eardrum. It is more common in children but also occurs in adults.

We say of an otitis that it is “serous” when it is associated with the presence of yellow serous fluid in the eardrum (behind the eardrum). It is also called seromucous otitis. It generally occurs following a respiratory infection (often viral such as a nasopharyngitis). What are the symptoms serous otitis? Is it sore ? How to cure serous otitis? What are the treatments natural?

Definition: what is serous otitis?

Serous otitis is a inflammatory reaction of the tissues of the middle ear who vcaused inflammation of the eustachian tube, of the nasal mucosa and extend to the ear which in turn becomes inflamed. It often generates serous secretions that will fill the cavities of the ear And prevent sound from passing through the airways causing a deafness“explains Dr. Georges Dib, ENT.

Diagram of a serous otitis © Axel Kock – / Journal des Femmes

What are the symptoms of serous otitis?

Serous otitis is not not painful but is manifested by:

  • a clogged ear sensation,
  • partial deafness (hearing loss)
  • buzzing,
  • balance disorders.
  • an autophony (sensation of hearing oneself speak)

What are the causes of serous otitis?

“Serous otitis usually occurs as a result of a respiratory infection, most often viral which leads to inflammation and secretions (especially in children who sniffle) that irritate the Eustachian tube” continues the ENT doctor. “In adults, always pay attention to what lies behind serous otitis, knowing thatit can hide a slightly more serious illness“ warns our interlocutor. Among the causes:

► in adults:

  • a hay fever
  • chronic sinusitis
  • sometimes certain polyps or a tumor in the cavum
  • an allergy
  • a nasopharyngitis

► in babies, children:

  • eustachian tube dysfunction
  • hypertrophy of the adenoids
  • allergy
  • nasopharyngitis or recurrent colds

Is serous otitis contagious?

No, serous otitis is not contagious. “What can be contagious is the cause of serous otitis if it is due to a nasopharyngitis infection for example. Serous otitis also does not have a hereditary character except for the favoring morphology consisting in having small eustachian tubes” notes Dr. Georges Dib.

Can you fly when you have serous otitis?

No, it is not recommended for you : your ears being blocked, the pressure in the device may cause you to terrible pain and accentuate the phenomenon of blockage. “If an adult needs to get on the plane quickly, I offer the dropping a yoyo under local anesthesia or the implementation of a stronger treatment with corticosteroids to support the flight. On the other hand, without treatment, it is strongly advised not to take the plane.” warns Dr. Dib.

What is the prevalence in adults?

“It relates to less than 10% of adults“, explains Dr. Monique Quillard, general practitioner. “She is much more common in children in winter 2 out of 3 will contract serous otitisconfirms Dr. Dib.In adults, always pay attention to what lies behind serous otitis, knowing thatit can hide a slightly more serious illness” recalls the ENT.

How long does serous otitis last?

Serious otitis does not occur suddenly, since it has an external/inflammatory origin. She builds up gradually but symptoms may appear suddenly, often in the form of hearing loss/decrease. “Without proper support, it can last up to 3 months. Under treatment, it takes about 3 weeks-1 month to be able to get rid of it completelynotes Dr. Dib.

When to consult in case of serous otitis?

From the first symptoms what are clogged ears and hearing loss, even tinnitus.

What tests to diagnose serous otitis?

Diagnosing serous otitis is more difficult for a general practitioner than for an ENT doctor who has the appropriate equipment. The practitioner performs the following examinations:

  • I’eardrum examination using an otoscope (small magnifying glass equipped with lighting) which shows a particular aspect of the eardrum: dull and frosted
  • There tympanometry allows to measure the elasticity of the eardrum, which is reduced by the presence of the liquid, is the examination of choice, practiced by the ENT
  • I’audiometry (hearing test) to confirm hearing loss (conductive hearing loss to the inner ear)

The treatment is different according to age and the impact on hearing. “The first step is to prescribe anti-inflammatories (corticosteroids) accompanied by a treatment to thin the secretions in adults and children for a few dayssays Dr. Dib.It is possible to initiate antibiotic therapy small long-term doses, between 15 days and 3 weeks because the liquids that have stagnated in the ear can become superinfected” adds the ENT. If this is not enough, the doctor can offer you the yo-yo pose, A drain that eliminates secretions outwards located in the eardrum. They are inserted, under general anesthesia, through the eardrum. They ensure good drainage of the middle ear to avoid any complications or relapses. They will fall off on their own, three to five months after installation. If theserous otitis is retentional and treatments do not work, we use the technique of draw air into the ear to remove the secretion via an incision on the eardrum in which a transtympanic aerator is placed (a very small tube which allows the aspiration of the liquid and the circulation of the air). The aerator remains in place for several months but allows the patient to heal immediately.

What essential oils can be used in case of serous otitis?

Ieucalyptus essential oil for its fluidifying properties. Diluted 1 to 10 drops in 1 to 2 vegetable oil pressures per drop of HE. To be applied around the ear (especially not inside the ear!), 3 to 4 times a day.

What plants can help relieve serous otitis?

Suck 1 propolis gum per day, optionally reinforced with grapefruit seed extract.

Thanks to Dr Georges Dib, ENT and Dr Monique Quillard, general practitioner.

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