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Swim like a mermaid: a new original aquatic discipline arrives in France

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And if at the beginning of the school year we started with the hydro Sirene? How do you not know? Don’t remember the movie Splash or The Adventures of Ariel? Well, it’s the same thing, you turn into a mermaid to go and swim not the oceans, but the lengths of the swimming pool. This new activity which is developing in France is an excellent complete sport for sculpting our silhouette and working on our endurance.

The aquatic areas of Espacéo actively participate in the democratization of this swimming with a mermaid tail widely practiced in North America as mermaid. This original aquatic discipline, called hydro mermaid by Espacéo, will seduce and please many of us, from the youngest to the not so young.

Swim like a mermaid to maintain your body

Beyond the half-woman, half-fish character anchored in the collective consciousness, the Hydro Sirène remains a real sport. Wearing this long sculpting monofin type fin designed in lycra and polyester (made in Germany) which is fixed using rubber fasteners, requires a particularly physical undulation of swimming.

This aquatic activity involves a lot of effort on abs, glutes and thighs. It also requires an excellent aptitude for apnea, requiring a real breathing technique, which makes it a perfect complete sports activity.

Hydro Sirene, a sport for everyone

Offered in several sizes, mermaid tails can be worn by adults and children alike, and (despite what you might think…) aren’t just for women. Men are also invited to take part in Hydro Sirène sessions.

This activity has attracted a lot of people since its launch in the outdoor pool of Aqualun’ last March. Given the success of this innovative sport, Espacéo plans to acquire around twenty additional mermaid tails and will soon be opening new Hydro Sirène courses. This aquatic discipline will therefore soon be generalized in all the aquatic centers of spaceo: the Aquabulle of Laval (53), Tourcoing-les-Bains 559), the Seine-Mauldre baths in Aubergenville (78) and Agl’eau in Blois (41)

Imagine the future conversations with your colleagues at the start of the school year: “What are you doing for sport this year? – I’m taking swimming lessons with a mermaid’s tail » It still slaps, doesn’t it?! 😉

Practical information

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