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Suffering from dementia, her mother thought it was a symptom of Covid-long

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Gianna Cabo, now 20, is become “apathetic” and unable to recall her fondest childhood memories, according to his mother. Rebecca Robertson, 50, first noticed something was wrong in September 2020, when her daughter moved from a status of brilliant student to that of bad student. She assumed that Gianna was still suffering from the effects of Covid, as she had fallen seriously ill with the virus in June 2020. The mother and daughter were also involved in a car accident a year earlier which left Rebecca with a severe concussion and compressed discs in her neck. Gianna’s condition then went deteriorated over the following years and she’s not even able toperform basic household chores such as opening a tin can.

She drifted away from her friends, stopped doing her homework, and fell asleep as soon as she got home from school. Her memory lapses multiplied and she was prescribed antidepressants in June 2021 and began seeing a psychologist, but none of these treatments helped her regain her memory. Rebecca took her to see a neurologist in November 2022 and, after a series of medical tests, the doctors found that there was no no electrical activity in Gianna’s right central lobe and diagnosed with dementia.

“I felt like someone had just punched me: ‘I felt like someone had just punched me in the heart. I sat there, stunned. I told myself that it was not possible, that she was only 19 years old. I never thought it could be dementia – not in my wildest dreams,” said Rebecca, her mother.

Gianna’s troubles began after she and her mother, Rebecca, were involved in a car accident in June 2019. Rebecca was injured, but recovered, but in June 2020, when Rebecca was recovering from her neck operation, she and Gianna are fell seriously ill with Covid. They both suffered from chest tightness which made Rebecca feel like she had “an elephant sitting on my chest.”

Although Gianna recovered from her immediate symptoms, Rebecca said:

“I didn’t recognize the true impact of the disease until she returned to school in September. All of a sudden she went from being a brilliant student to someone crying and begging a teacher to get her through so she could graduate. The doctors thought it might be the stress and prescribed her anti-depressants, but that didn’t work. As the weeks passed, she began to having more and more problems at school. To each question, she began to answer: “I don’t remember”.

At first, Rebecca thought her daughter’s behavior might be the result of general malaise caused by the pandemic. But her daughter was becoming more and more lost and listless in progress. At some point during her deterioration, Gianna removed all the photos of her childhood that were in her room. When Rebecca asked her why, she explained “she didn’t remember they were taken” (source 1).

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