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Social networks: what your profile picture says about you

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Whether you choose a shot where you see a lot of skin, one where you pose with your little dog or you look at the ground, these shots are not trivial. Francesca, a US-based Romanian life coach and psychologist, took to TikTok to analyze user profile pictures. The DailyMail reports its analysis.

According to the psychologist, choosing a shot that shows a lot of skin could mean that you have a inferiority complex. “Sexy images can mean the person has an inferiority complex where they feel like they need to be more expressive or show more in order to compensate for not feeling good enough,” the coach reveals in a video uploaded to TikTok.

Pay attention to your gaze

Another lesson, posing with your friends could also show that you are outgoing but too dependent on them. For her, extroverts often choose a photo of themselves in a group as their profile picture because that’s where they feel most comfortable.

Did you post a shot where you’re looking down? Francesca – who studied psychology at the University of London (UK) – assures that this could indicate that you have a large ego.

Keep the same photo

Last advice, keep the same profile picture and don’t change it every day. “The fact of constantly changing profile picture can symbolize that the person does not have a strong identity and is quite unreliable”, warns the coach. People who post a new profile picture every week are extremely indecisive and don’t trust people easily.

Francesca then recommends using the same photo on all social media accounts and choose a shot with an animal or a child. The best way to appear friendly to other users!

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