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Sleep: this position would allow you to sleep without snoring or insomnia

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Are you having trouble getting to sleep? Do you suffer from insomnia? NASA has a solution to help you find peaceful nights. For this, the instruction is simple: you should sleep like an astronaut. Indeed, several American media recommend opting for a specific sleeping position. Thus, it is a question of respecting the “zero gravity” or “zero g” sleeping position and of sleep with head and legs elevated above the heart. In addition, the midsection (the buttocks) should be placed in a downward depression.

Although this position was originally designed to help astronauts balance their weight, it can be reproduced easily on Earth by correctly positioning pillows. As the Daily Mail explains, the aim is to keep the body at rest at 120 degrees, which relieves pressure on the heart and allows blood to pump more freely through the body. “Being in a weightless position tends to be orthopedically better and easier on your hips and shoulders than sleeping on your joints,” neurologist and sleep expert Dr Chris Winter told the English site. .

Another benefit: a reduction in the risk of acid reflux. “When you lie flat or supine, acid drains from your stomach because the stomach and esophagus are horizontal. When you tilt your head up, gravity keeps your stomach contents in your stomach,” says Dr Winter. Other studies have also confirmed that this position would make it possible to breathe better and, thus, to limit snoring and the symptoms of sleep apnea. Of course, it is up to everyone to find the ideal position for a good night’s sleep. The benefits depend “on what you need for good sleep and what is good sleep for you,” Dr. Winter reminds.

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