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Sleep Day 2023: date, program, theme

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The 24th edition of Sleep Day will take place in March 2024 in France and the United States. When ? What is the schedule of events?

Sleep is central to our lives. At 75, we will have slept… 25 years, or a third of our existence, hence the importance of preserving and pampering your sleep. In March 2024 will take place the 24th edition of International Sleep Day in France and elsewhere in the world (in the United States for example). In France, this Awareness Day is organized by theNational Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (InSV). What events are organized during Sleep Day in France? What purpose ? Where to inquire?

Date: When is Sleep Day?

Sleep Day is usually celebrated on 3rd Friday of March.

When was Sleep Day created? By who ?

Sleep Day was created in 2000 by the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (InSV), an association that brings together natural and legal persons working in the register of prevention, awareness, health education, sleep, vigilance. This is a communication and prevention interface on sleep in France. In the USASleep Day is organized by the World Sleep Society. Sleep Day has a triple objective:

  • Raise awareness the importance of sleep
  • Promote screening sleep disorders (insomnia, somnambulism, narcolepsy…) and remember that care structures exist when sleep becomes pathological.
  • Pursue Recognition engaged in sleep disorders as an element of public health.

What was the theme for Sleep Day 2023?

In 2023, the theme for Sleep Day is “Sleep beliefs, mental health and eco-anxietyMore specifically, Sleep Day is focused this year on:

► The deterioration of mental health of the French observed since the start of the Covid health crisis, which shows a significant correlation between sleep disorders and symptoms of anxiety and depressionconfirming the role of sleep as a determinant of mental health.

► The misinformation around sleep hygiene induces behaviors opposed to sufficient quality and quantity of sleep, a factor that negatively impacts mental health.

► Therising temperatures which reduces sleep time on a global scale, amplifying the risk of developing sleep disorders.

2023 sleep day poster

2023 sleep day poster © National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance

Program: what to do for Sleep Day?

The National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance sets up, each year, a sleeping village digital which features a map with organized actions, information on sleep issues, and tips for improving sleep.

Sources: National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (InSV) / ​​

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