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Semen Allergy: Symptoms and Treatments

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Semen allergy is a very rare allergy whose symptoms are sometimes confused with those of sexual infections. What are the symptoms ? How to treat?

Semen allergy is very rare, but it exists. Concretely, it is an allergy to proteins found in seminal fluid. What is it due to? What are the symptoms ? Treatments ?

What is the definition of a semen allergy?

semen allergy can be defined as a “allergy seminal fluid proteins which will trigger in sensitized persons an immediate and potentially dangerous allergic reaction“, asks Dr. Isabelle Begondagdassarian, allergist, from the outset.

What causes a semen allergy?

Semen allergy results from a semen seminal protein sensitization. “The allergic person has developed antibodies against certain proteins in seminal fluid. In contact with these proteins, it will trigger an allergic reaction“, specifies the allergist.

A frequent allergy?

Semen allergy is an extremely rare allergy. For exemple, “in 25 years of practice, I have seen only one patient allergic to semen“, confirms our interlocutor.

What are the symptoms of a semen allergy?

Symptoms appear fairly quickly after contact with semen. In particular, we can observe:

  • itches,
  • edema localized to the contact area,
  • the potential appearance of urticaria and edema which can extend and become generalized,
  • in some cases, “this can go as far as malaise, difficulty breathing, a drop in blood pressure and in rare and extreme cases severe anaphylaxis“, underlines the allergist.

When and who to consult?

The first thing to do is to approach the problem with a gynecologist Or an attending physician to distinguish an allergic type reaction from an irritant reaction. Dr. Begondagdassarian then recommends consulting a specialist: “after having seen the attending physician, it is necessary to move towards an allergist. He will prescribe blood tests to verify the diagnosis and may also, in certain cases, a skin test with the partner’s sperm, having previously done the screening serologies for sexually transmitted infections“.

What treatment to treat a semen allergy?

Only the eviction of sperm is effective, so use a condom“specifies the specialist. And to add”No need to change partners! Seminal proteins are common to all men.“Desensitization protocols have also been studied, but have not yet shown their effectiveness.

The issue of pregnancy is obviously a major concern for women who suffer from a semen allergy. Since contact with sperm is obviously impossible, Dr. Begondagdassarian explains that it is therefore necessary to resort to assisted procreation, “by carrying out an artificial insemination of the spermatozoa which have been separated from the seminal proteins.

Thanks to Dr Isabelle Begondagdassarian, allergist

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