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Scrotum: scientists have examined its aesthetic appearance and what makes it “attractive”

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In a new scientific article published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (Source 1), a research team set out to provide answers to the following question: what makes a scrotum beautiful?

Breast operations, labia reductions and penis enlargement are long-established interventions, the grounds of which have been examined by a number of previous studies”, write the authors of the study in the preamble. The tightening of the scrotumon the other hand, is a new trend in the cosmetic surgery market. Despite its rapid increase, studies have yet to investigate aesthetic preferences with respect to the scrotum”, they added to justify this original research.

The researchers then undertook to modify the images of four scrotums, and thus obtained 36 images of scrotums, different in terms of length and width. These photos were presented to 659 participants (men and women), charged with evaluating their attractiveness.

An anatomical part unaffected by pornography

No sex-related differences appeared in the ratings of scrotums 1 to 3,” the team wrote in their study, noting that in contrast, men rated scrotum four as significantly more attractive than women. “Overall, almost none of the 36 images we showed participants were found to be ‘attractive’, as most of the values ​​were in the negative range.”, added the researchers.

Having examined participants’ personality traits using a questionnaire, as well as their age, openness to new experiences, and porn use, the study was unable to find any correlation between these factors. and how participants rated scrotum types. Clear, unlike the penis, the perception of the scrotum is not affected by pornography.

In the end, it seemed difficult to highlight what makes a “beautiful” scrotum. It seems easier to identify the “least ugly” scrotum, say the scientists. Clearly, where the appearance and size of the penis matters, the scrotum pleases no one, and no one really cares about its appearance. And that’s probably good!

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