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RN deputies do not table a new motion of censure and will vote that of LFI

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New 49.3, new defiance. For the fourth time, the government used 49.3 on Thursday, as part of the 2023 budget. Following this new use of the tool, the opposition deputies intend, once again, to table a motion of censure against the government. But this time, the RN deputies will not table their own motion of censure but will vote for that of LFI. “The text tabled by the France Insoumise group underlines that the common vote of a motion of censure is obviously not a political alliance but a constitutional tool to censure the government and block its budget”, explains the group headed by Marine Le Pen in a press release.

The only motion will be debated and put to the vote on Friday from 3:30 p.m., decided the conference of presidents of the National Assembly. This LFI text has almost no chance of being adopted and bringing down the government, and the finance bill will be considered adopted at first reading. He may go to the Senate. RN deputies have already voted for the past ten days in favor of a motion of censure by Nupes and then an LFI motion, which has caused unease in the ranks of the left alliance and strong criticism from the presidential camp. as to a “collusion” with the extreme right.

On the left, the LFI deputies once again went it alone in tabling a motion after the announcement on Wednesday by Elisabeth Borne of the use of the constitutional weapon of 49.3 to pass the draft state budget without a vote. first reading in the Assembly. The PS, PCF and environmentalist allies have differences on the strategy to adopt in the face of the series of 49.3.

The text of the LFI motion specifies that “our project and our vision of society place us in direct opposition to the far right, whose communication moves above all show isolation and opportunism”. “We do not feel targeted by the term” extreme right “”, we say within the RN group. “Voting censorship is the hallmark of all those who place themselves in opposition to Emmanuel Macron’s policy”, supports the group in its press release, pinning the Republican deputies who “have made the choice to support the government” , by not voting the motions of censure.

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