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Pimples on the tongue: causes, photo, what to do?

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A pimple on the tongue (red, white vesicle) is a symptom that is generally not serious and can be a sign of several causes (infections, angina, inflammation, mouth ulcers, herpes, etc.).

There are different types of buttons. What is called “button” in everyday language is generally a vesiclewhich is characterized by a skin elevation and a fluid content which may be pus or other fluid. Depending on its appearance and location, the language button may have different causes. The stress ? A sickness ? An infection ? Is that bad ?

What is the cause of a white pimple on the tongue?

The vesicle on the tongue has a very large number of causes:

  • The most frequent is related to viral infections, and in particular winter diseases. This may in particular be the syndrome foot-hand-mouth which is a mild viral infection, nasopharyngitis (cold) or Covid
  • Glossitis which corresponds to an inflammation of the tongue and that may be caused by bacterial or fungal infections, autoimmune disease, allergy, consumption of tobacco, alcohol, fatty or spicy foods
  • Chicken pox and herpeswhich are also caused by viruses, are also common causes of blisters on the tongue.
  • eczema
  • Bacterial infections (angina, etc.). The mouth naturally harbors bacteria. It is enough that we bite our tongue, or that we have a small wound for vesicles to appear“, says Dr Florent Sancini, general practitioner in Aix-en-Provence.
  • When the gallbladder is larger, it is called “bubbles”. They are mainly found in autoimmune pathologies.
  • Oral lesions can also be canker sores. Larger than the blister, canker sores are, in fact, small mouth ulcers. Canker sores are usually traumatic (appear after biting your tongue). But they can also be induced by infections (including HIV), chronic inflammatory pathologies or autoimmune diseases. Canker sores can also occur without a known pathological cause, it is called benign idiopathic canker sore.

Photo of pimples on the tongue

Photo of pimples on the tongue (candidiasis) © yuliiapedchenko –

What is the cause of a white pimple on the tongue?

When it’s about “white lesions” which appear as whitish patches on the tongue, the most common cause is an infection by a fungus (mycosis). These lesions can also be associated with a thickening of the surface of the tongue, we then speak of “keratotic white lesions”. These can be linked to an infection, a cancerous tumor, an immune disorder…”Before these whitish deposits appear, the tongue may be bright pinksays Dr. Florent Sancini. They can evolve and color the tongue black.

What is the cause of a pimple at the back of the tongue?

This may for example be due to:

  • Consumption of very hot or acidic foods, which end up irritating the taste buds (inflammatory cause)
  • A cold sore (infectious cause)

Is that bad ? When to worry?

In case of doubt, significant discomfort, or if the symptoms persist, it is recommended to consult a health professional. The diagnosis of these different pimples is essentially clinical. Doctors take few local samples for laboratory analysis. They are usually carried out in case of infections by a fungus to identify the species involved, or in the case of a bacterial infection to select the right antibiotic.

What treatment to cure a pimple on the tongue?

► In case of bacterial cause. The doctor can prescribe antibiotics (if the bacterial lesions are very extensive and important) or antifungals (in case of infection by a fungus), associated with antiseptic mouthwashes. “I usually prescribe sodium bicarbonate mouthwashes. This limits the proliferation of germs“, indicates the general practitioner. The duration of treatment depends on the extent of the lesions.

► In case of viral cause. For pimples linked to viral infections, there is no treatment”. In addition, the use of local treatments is also possible to relieve pain and pimples on the tongue: mouthwashes and/or application of a gel.

► To eliminate fungusthe treatment must last between 15 and 21 days. It is a long treatment because these pathogens proliferate very quickly, and from scratch. The risk of recurrence is therefore high if the patient takes his treatment badly or for too long.

Thanks to Dr Florent Sancini general practitioner in Aix-en-Provence.

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