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Pierre Palmade accident: the first statements of the injured child

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This is the first time he has spoken. Devrim’s life fell over on February 10 when he was in the car hit by Pierre Palmade. Not blurred, the little boy spoke in front of the BFM TV camera. If he claims to feel “good”, he remains obliged to permanently wear a support corset even when he sleeps.

Soon, he will undergo a new operation of the jaw. “I went to school, I saw my friends and my mistress, I’m happy,” says the young victim. And to add: “The teacher does not let me go out at recess, she is afraid that something will happen to me. She lets the other classmates come into the classroom to play with me. “He explains never leave the corset even during her sleep: “When I go to sleep with the corset on, it bothers me”. For the moment, he “isn’t like before” and remains “very tired”.

Judicial review

The investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the release under judicial supervision of Pierre Palmade. The comedian is “prohibited from leaving the hospital where he is”. Indeed, the investigating chamber considered “Pierre Palmade’s state of health was not incompatible with continued detention” but “the evolution of this state of health reduced the risks which had founded the decision to place him remand in custody”.

Currently hospitalized at the Plessis-Robinson hospital, Pierre Palmade suffered a stroke. According to the latest revelations, his stroke would be “rather serious” assured host Cyril Hanouna on the Touche set not at my post, on C8.

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