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Scalp psoriasis manifests as red, scaly patches (dandruff) and can cover the entire skull, forehead, and behind the ears. What causes? How to get rid of it? With which shampoos?

Psoriasis is chronic inflammatory skin disease which can affect different parts of the body including the scalp. It is said to be chronic because psoriasis can reappear throughout life And evolve by push. How do you know if you have psoriasis in your hair? What causes scalp psoriasis? How to heal ? Naturally?

What is scalp psoriasis? Is it frequent?

Psoriasis is a common inflammatory skin disease which can concern several parts of the body (elbows, knees, etc.) and in particular the scalp. Some people only have psoriasis on the scalp, others have it elsewhere.“, says in the preamble Dr. Isabelle Rousseaux, dermatologist. Inserm estimates that approximately 2% of the French population (both men and women) is affected by psoriasis and that among these people, 50% have an attack on the scalp.

What are the symptoms of psoriasis in the hair?

Scalp psoriasis is called erythemato-squamous, says Dr. Rousseaux. This means that psoriasis is manifested by the presence of erythema (Red plaques) and dander (dead skin or white dandruff) that may itch (scratch). Scalp psoriasis often extends to the forehead and behind the ears.

Diagram of psoriasis © logo3in1 – of Women’s Health

For people who are not in the business, the two attacks can easily be confused. Seborrheic dermatitis does not usually spread to the forehead or ears. It is only found at the level of the hairs, more precisely at the level of the hair-sebaceous follicles, therefore scalp, eyebrows, beard. Seborrheic dermatitis is more easily treated than psoriasis“, indicates our specialist.

Photo of scalp psoriasis

Photo of scalp psoriasis © ksu_ok –

Psoriasis in babies

Photo of scalp psoriasis in babies © andriano_cz –

What causes scalp psoriasis?

Psoriasis has a genetic origin. Psoriasis is caused by A immune dysregulation which leads to a chronic and exaggerated inflammation of the skin and an overproduction of keratinocytes, the keratin-producing cells that mainly make up the epidermis. “This means that some people have the psoriasis gene. The disease can appear during life, sometimes in childhood, sometimes later. And on genetics is added epigenetics (the study of changes in gene activity). In other words, a flare-up of psoriasis can occur following a triggering factor such as significant stress For example“, explains our interlocutor.

Can you completely get rid of scalp psoriasis?

Noreplies Dr. Rousseaux immediately. It’s a genetic disease, so we have it in us and flare-ups of psoriasis can occur at several points in life. If we can’t get rid of it, we can treat it.”

Does scalp psoriasis cause hair loss?

No, psoriasis in particular does not cause hair loss. But indirectly, the scalp is inflamed and therefore attacked, especially if the person scratches and has significant crusts in the hair, hair may be more brittle“, explains Dr. Rousseaux.

Avoid coloring your hair if you have psoriasis.

If it is impossible to permanently cure psoriasis, there are however treatments that can “slow down” flare-ups:

With UV sessions:The sun has a beneficial effect on immunitywhich is why the sun’s rays have a positive effect on psoriasis“, says Dr. Rousseaux. However, you must protect yourself with an appropriate sunscreen because sunburn is a trigger for the disease. You can consider UV sessions, taking care to respect the indications and precautions.

► With treatment shampoos: They will eliminate scales, reduce inflammation and itching. These are generally products based on cortisone (dermocorticoids)“.

Can you color your hair if you have psoriasis?

We avoid coloring our hair during an outbreak of psoriasis because the coloring product will over-aggress the scalp. On the other hand, apart from a period of pushing, one can possibly make colorations“, answers our dermatologist.

What preventive measures in case of psoriasis of the scalp?

► Avoid drying your hair with a hair dryer that is too hot. Prefer natural drying or a hair dryer set with cold air. In general, avoid anything that attacks the scalp“. For example, you can hold your hair dryer more than 20 cm from your skull to avoid attacks and not to create new plaques.

► Avoid scratching, although it is not always obvious. The doctor can prescribe a soothing treatment.

► Prefer hairbrushes with soft bristles

► Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking promotes the onset of psoriasis. Just like alcohol which, consumed in excess, compromises the effectiveness of treatments.

Thanks to Dr Isabelle Rousseaux, dermatologist and venerologist in Lille.

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