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Paola from Star Academy: she escapes her addiction thanks to the show

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After the flagship show’s finale, which took place on Saturday, November 26, the contestants returned to their near-normal lives. The winner of the show has formalized her contract with Sony and must, like the other candidates, manage a new community on social networks. Management which was then impossible during the broadcast, since all were deprived of their telephone. And precisely, it is this object, or rather its useto which Paola was addicted.

This addiction to the telephone has a name: nounphobiathe contraction of “no mobile phone phobia”. Named by Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, David Greenfieald, this addiction includes a feeling of panic or hopelessness if the person concerned does not have their telephone near them. Other symptoms such as feeling of isolation even though we are physically surrounded by people, the incessant need to want check if we have any notifications or, in some cases, theimpression of hearing or feeling the ringing of our telephone, may be a sign of smartphone addiction. According to this professor, this attitude is linked to a dopamine dysregulation.

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