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Ozempic “slimming pill” on TikTok: beware of the side effects of this drug diverted from its use

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Diverted for his slimming effects, the drug Ozempicprescribed in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, is used on TikTok by users who want to lose weight. The #Ozempic hashtag has accumulated nearly 500 million views. The enthusiasm is such that supply voltages are beginning to be felt. Promotional videos of this slimming ally abound on the Chinese social network:

Weight loss and serious side effects

The Novo Nordisk laboratory has been marketing this drug in France since 2019. Ozempic (semaglutide), available only by prescription, has received marketing authorization for type 2 diabetes treatment insufficiently controlled. Besides its action on receptors for a hormone that controls blood sugar and stimulates the release of insulin, it also reduces the feeling of hungerwhich results in a significant weight loss.

This drug has also been transformed in the United States to fight against obesity, with a stronger dose, under the name of Wegovy. In France, Wegovy received a favorable opinion from the High Authority for Health last December (source 1) as a “second-line treatment in combination with a low-calorie diet and physical activity”, to be reserved only for adult patients with severe obesity. .

A diversion of use that worries the Medicines Agency

The appetite suppressant properties of the antidiabetic Ozempic have made it a success on social networks. However, there are side effects, potentially serious, related to its consumption, such as gastrointestinal disorders, pancreatitis or hypoglycaemia, warns the Medicines Agency (ANSM) in a press release published on March 1 (source 2).

The latter recalls that Ozempic should only be prescribed in insufficiently controlled type 2 diabetes. Moreover, she fears that the “false sicknesses” will cause supply strains, depriving diabetic patients of this essential treatment.

The Agency calls on pharmacists to be extremely vigilant and asks them to report any suspicious prescriptions“including those emanating from a teleconsultation platform or application (falsification, addition of a drug, spelling mistakes, anomalies, etc.)” or in case of doubt to refuse delivery of the drug.

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