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Overwork: DIY with essential oils to avoid burnout!

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You are always asked for more at work, and as soon as you get home, you have to take care of homework, laundry, the evening meal… that’s for sure, you won’t last long like that, the overwork awaits you! Today I offer you a preparation based on essential oils to prevent you from cracking and to give you back the intellectual and physical tone you need.

What you need :

A bottle of 30 ml of sweet almond vegetable oilif possible in a dropper or pressure bottle (if this is not the case, provide a dropper bottle).

4 essential oils, preferably organic:

  • Cinnamon essential oil : often known for its anti-infective effects, this essential oil is also an excellent stimulant, particularly effective in case of physical fatigue.
  • Laurel essential oil : also known for its anti-infectious properties, it also has stimulating virtues, but, this time, more specifically effective in case of mental fatigue. This essential oil is particularly indicated when one is about to pass an interview, an examination, or to make a presentation in front of an assembly: in short, an essential oil which makes it possible to stimulate the intellectual.
  • Shell marjoram essential oil : this oil targets more intellectual overwork, when you feel overwhelmed by events, overwhelmed and completely demotivated. It will allow you to go beyond this temporary tiredness and will make you quickly forget your little depression.
  • Peppermint essential oil : This oil is well known for its general tonic properties and in particular for its intellectual stimulating side. If you have a big file to finish and you feel flat and unable to get there, mint essential oil gives you a good boost.

In practice

Nothing’s easier !

Just add 20 drops of each essential oil in the bottle of sweet almond vegetable oil and voila!

We shake the mixture and our overwork solution is ready.

If your sweet almond oil is not in a squeeze or dropper bottle, transfer all of the 30 ml of this vegetable oil into a dropper bottle before adding the essential oils.

How and when to use my preparation?

2 possibilities are available to you:

  • In case of chronic intellectual or physical fatigue, you can give yourself a massage under the arch of the foot with this solution every morning.
  • If you need a little boost during the day, take your preparation with you and massage a little of this solution into your wrist (maximum 3 times a day).

And above all, don’t forget to shake the bottle before each use so that the preparation is well mixed and homogeneous.

A solution to adapt to your needs

I have offered you a “homemade solution” with 4 essential oils, but you can completely adapt this preparation according to your needs. Thus, if you want a rather stimulating solution to face a presentation or an oral exam, do not hesitate to use only the essential oils of Marjoram and Mint, for example.

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