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Our smartphone would be dangerous for our back

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We knew that the waves from mobile phones were harmful to our health, but what we did not imagine were the significant deleterious effects for our cervicals… a study that sends shivers down the spine!

The mobile phone causes increased pressure on our cervicals

We spend between 2 and 4 hours a day with our heads down on our smartphones, which corresponds to an average of 1000 hours a year (this time can largely triple among high school students): a very bad position for our back According to a recent study published in Surgical Technology International.

This study, led by Kenneth Hansraj, an orthopedic surgeon from New York, demonstrated, using a fictitious spine, that having our head down on our laptop screen puts enormous pressure on our cervicals and our spine.

27 kg of extra weight on our neck

Indeed, the more we lower our head, the heavier it is for our shoulders: our head naturally weighs 4.5 kg, but lowering it by 30° increases this weight to 18 kg, and to 27 kg for a 60° angle (as if you had 3 packs of 6 bottles of water on your head!).

The more the inclination increases, the more the weight of the neck increases.

In the long term, this position constitutes a stress on the level of our cervical which causes a deformation of the spine leading to premature wear, to a tear, even sometimes to a surgical operation.

How to limit the damage?

To limit these problems, Kenneth Hansraj recommends keep your head straight when we uses his cell phone.

For computer users, the problem is the same: you have to elevate your laptop or tilt the screen so that your gaze is at screen height and your spine is aligned with your head.

The best solution is still to avoid being glued for hours in front of your phone or on your computer.

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