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Olivier Faure accuses Emmanuel Macron of being a “spreader of lies”

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The First Secretary of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure denounced on Friday the “nonsense” of President Emmanuel Macron who affirmed on Wednesday that the Nupes was “hand in hand” with the RN, accusing him of being “a propagator of lies” as Donald Trump.

In an interview at Releasethe deputy for Seine-et-Marne also confirmed that the PS group in the Assembly would not sign “repetitive motions at each reading” of the text on the budget and the Social Security budget.

Asked about the remarks of the President of the Republic on Wednesday evening, who denounced “the cynicism” and “the disorder” of the oppositions, accusing the left of having put themselves “hand in hand with the National Rally”, Olivier Faure judged that it took “a lot of cynicism to state such nonsense”.

“Alternative Truths”

“I regret that Emmanuel Macron, through meetings with Donald Trump, has become a propagator of ‘alternative truths’, that is to say lies”, he asserted. Deeming “absolutely false” the allegations that the text of the motion of no confidence was modified so that it could be voted on by the RN, the First Secretary criticized, without naming them, his socialist opponents, some of whom spread this information .

“There are socialists who have made a specialty of low blows. How can they pretend to take the direction of a party that they discredit with each intervention? he asked.

“Divergence” with LFI on the 3rd motion of censure

Finally he confirmed that the PS would not sign the third motion of censure tabled Wednesday by LFI, in response to the third use of article 49.3 of the Constitution by the government on the Social Security budget. “We have a difference with the Insoumis,” he admitted.

“The government is trying to trivialize 49.3 to make it an ordinary management tool. At the same time, we do not want to trivialize the motion of censure, which must remain a solemn act,” he explained. But he wants “that the Nupes, all together, table one on the finance bill and on that of Social Security at the time of the final reading”.

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