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name, symptoms, how to overcome it?

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Vaccines, blood tests, syringes… The fear of needles, called belenophobia, is a very widespread phobia. What are the symptoms” ? What to do ? Hypnosis?

What is the name of the fear of needles?

Also known as belenophobiafear of needles is a phobic disorder well known that belongs to the large family of anxiety disorders. This set of disorders includes panic disorder (repeated anxiety attacks), generalized anxiety disorder (when one has a pathological level of anxiety), specific phobia (fear of germs, blood, needles) or social anxiety. The common denominator of all anxiety disorders is anxiety.

What are the causes of a fear of needles?

Fear of needles can have a genetic origin, and/or environmental factors : people suffering from belenophobia often have parents who are themselves affected. It can also occur following a traumatic episode related to needles: a painful blood test, a bad injection experience. The symbolic character of the needles (pointed object, capable of piercing the skin) can be enough to destabilize a sensitive person.

Belenophobia results in the disproportionate fear of medical procedures requiring a needle: blood tests, vaccines or even installation of infusion. “Sometimes this phobia is so present that it prevents the subject from receiving the care he needs. The sight or mere thought of needles causes palpitations, drop in blood pressure, extreme pallor, nausea and vomiting, hyperventilation or even vagal discomfort leading to fainting“, informs Professor Anne Sauvaget, psychiatrist at the University Hospital of Nantes.

The fear of needles can have health consequences and social repercussions since certain vaccines are essential, in particular to be able to travel. It is therefore essential to take care of it. In addition to relaxation techniques such as hypnosis, sophrology and mindfulness meditationto learn how to manage stress and anxiety, cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT) are interesting to confront the subject with his fear and teach him to tame it. “Finally, the use of virtual reality is increasingly studied in the psychotherapy of phobias, and seems promising“, rejoices the psychiatrist.

Thanks to Pr Anne Sauvaget, psychiatrist at the University Hospital of Nantes

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