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Meat allergy from tick bites: a life-threatening phenomenon on the rise in Scotland

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This condition causes severe reactions, ranging from intense itching to difficulty breathing, even anaphylactic shockFollowing the meat consumption such as beef, pork and bacon. NHS Highland, Scotland became aware of the importance of the problem due to the increased presence of ticks in the region, which is believed to be linked to the effects of climate change. To better understand the impact of this allergy, the Scottish Public Health Service plans to carry out extensive research into the subject. Frances Hines, head of research, development and innovation at NHS Highland, is directly affected by this condition, as her partner has it. She points out that the Severity of AGS varies from person to person and managing this condition can be particularly difficult for those affected.

Increased vigilance

In addition to eating meat, people with SGA should also be wary of dairy products and certain sweets and medicines containing gelatin. Although cases of meat allergy remain relatively rare, researchers are now trying to determine the extent of this phenomenon in the general Scottish and British population. The objective is to better understand this condition to improve its management and medical care (source 1).

It is therefore essential to educate hikers and farm workers, as well as the general public, about the risks associated with tick bites and the potential serious allergic reactions they can cause. In addition to meat allergy, ticks can also transmit Lyme diseasewhich highlights the importance of taking adequate preventive measures to avoid these bites.

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