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Lifting of the testicles: why this operation?

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Jacques Derhy, one of the pioneers of male intimate surgery, worked for years as a urologist. He then wanted to address a more aesthetic and psychological aspect of genital problems. Then he wrote a book, Atlas of cosmetic surgery of the male sex, to help his colleagues perform these intimate surgeries. Here he answers our questions about the scrotal remodelingan operation visibly in vogue (the scrotum designating the cutaneous envelope which surrounds and protects the testicles).

Who is scrotum reshaping for?

This operation is for men who have “too” distended purse skin.

Why does this distension of the stock exchanges pose a problem for them?

Those men usually feel discomfort, they have the feeling that “it dangles” or simply that it is unsightly. This excess skin often leads to chafing in clothes and underwear who themselves cause pain during their activities, for example a slight torsion of the bursa during sports, a strong inconvenience during sleep, etc.

For other men, it’s just play on the aesthetic aspect of their sex : by tightening the skin of the purses, by smoothing it, they rejuvenate the appearance of the latter.

In any case, the scrotal lift has no impact on sexuality or any relationship with fertility/sterility, it will simply affect sensitivity and visual appearance.

How is a scrotum lift performed?

The treatment consists of reduce/remove excess skin from the polar pouches (the lower part of the sex, the bottom). This is called a resection. The operation is said to be simple, outpatient: it lasts 1 hour and is performed under general anesthesia. Exit the same evening with bandages.

And after ? What are the post-operative risks?

There are no particular consequences otherwise slight bruises which disappear fairly quickly, then a rest period of about 3 to 5 weeks for the healing to be fully effective. Of course, it is necessary to monitor the possible infections.

During these weeks of healing should we do without sex, sport, etc.? ?

Yes. Let’s even say that to be calm you have to plan a month and a half, or even two, without too much effort and… say bye-bye to sexuality – at least for a while. Nothing prohibits it, but it can however be unpleasant or cause a lengthening of the healing time.

If sensitivity persists beyond the operation, the man can consider an aid such as the purse suspender which will complete the surgical action.

What is the cost of this operation?

Between 2,500 and 5,000 euros depending on the importance of the work and the quality/reputation of the practitioner. Of course, I recommend using a surgeon-urologistthat is to say a plastic surgeon experienced in uro-genital surgery.

In short: to have pretty smooth and taut purses, but also to relieve potential physical and/or psychological discomfort, this is the goal of scrotal remodeling. However, note that acceptance of oneself and one’s body makes it possible to avoid entering into the logic of the complex which pushes some people to have recourse to this type of operation. So beware: no surgery can replace a few words of love and kindness towards yourself. Before considering an external remedy (and a financial loan), check your motivations and discuss them very exhaustively with your surgeon.

Note that men are also increasingly resorting to other types of operations that concern the private parts: frenulum section, penis enlargement (by injection of hyaluronic acid), etc.

Good for you and your purses,

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