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Laurel essential oil: benefits, mouth ulcers, mycosis?

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Antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, laurel essential oil is considered the “Swiss Army knife” of aromatherapy. What are its benefits ? On a mycosis? Canker sore? A wart ? Its contraindications? How to use it ?

What are the benefits of laurel essential oil?

The noble laurel essential oil is considered the swiss army knife of the aromatherapy kit. Very versatile, it is a powerful antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral. It is very effective on digestive and cutaneous mycoses, as well as in the event of diarrhea and tooth abscess. It also has a powerful action against respiratory viruses thanks to its mucolytic and expectorant properties. “The noble laurel HE can also be used to regulate the nervous system and the emotions by simple olfaction. It can help to manage a state of stress, especially when it is due to an ordeal to overcome. This essential oil also helps gain confidence and motivationbut also to find the right verb for the speaker“, specifies Aude Maillard.

Is it effective in case of mouth ulcers?

The HE of noble laurel being anti-ulcer and healingit is very effective on oral inflammations such as mouth ulcers and gingivitis.

Is it effective for the teeth?

The noble laurel HE is very effective against dental infections because it has powerful analgesic and anti-infectious properties.

Is it effective in curing mycosis?

Very powerful antifungalnoble laurel HE is very effective in treating interdigital mycosis of the feet, oral mycosis, digestive mycosis, vaginal mycosis, nail mycosis or scalp“, indicates the aromatologist. At the same time, it is recommended to adapt your diet by limiting your consumption of foods rich in sugars such as pastries, cakes, pastries, sweets and white bread. Why? Because fungi feed on sugar and proliferate thanks to it.

Is it effective in curing a wart?

EO is very effective against warts. It is used at the rate of a drop placed directly on the wart, 2 times a day, for a fortnight.

The noble laurel essential oil can be applied pure, directly on the lesions to be disinfected, three times a day, until complete disappearance. For joint pain, it is to be applied preferably diluted with a little vegetable oil such as apricot kernel or arnica, on the areas to be treated. It can also be put in the mouth with a little vegetable oil or in a capsule“, recommends the specialist.

What are the dangers of laurel essential oil?

“The noble laurel essential oil is not recommended for self-medication in children, as well as in pregnant and breastfeeding women, and presents allergenic risks” after Aude Maillard.

What are the contraindications of laurel essential oil?

Laurel essential oil is contraindicated in children, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In case of allergic ground, it is better to be cautious by carrying out a skin test in the fold of the elbow and to observe the absence of reaction for 48 hours.

thanks to Aude Maillardconsultant-trainer in aromatherapy and Dr in pharmacy.

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