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Laughter yoga to boost your good mood

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Do not laugh, this article is not a joke! Well yes, laugh… but only because it’s good for your health.

Scientists and the media have one thing in common: they both claim that laughter has a positive effect on physical and mental health. Do you lack a sense of humor? Aren’t you happy by nature? You should consider laughter yoga, which is fun and easy to practice. You thus combine sport and laughter: the winning combination!

You don’t know this form of yoga? Discover it without further delay.

The origins of laughter yoga

You have to look to India, the cradle of yoga, to discover the person behind this revolutionary concept. Laughter yoga is a contemporary therapeutic method implemented by an Indian couple from Mumbai: general practitioner Madan Kataria and his wife, Madhuri Kataria, a yoga teacher.

In 1995, Madan Kataria launched the first “laughter club” in a public park with a limited number of participants. This concept then spread like wildfire across the world. Today more than 75 countries have adopted this philosophy. The success of laughter yoga is explained by the well-being felt by the people who practice it.

The benefits of laughter yoga

The benefits of laughter no longer need to be proven! This practice allows you to evacuate stress, sleep better, reduce blood pressure, increase self-confidence and simply put you in a good mood.

Laughter yoga is also recognized for its positive action on strengthening the immune system. Laughing improves physical condition while energizing the heart, which also reduces cholesterol and pain.

However, to experience the health benefits of laughter, an adult needs to laugh for 10 to 15 minutes a day continuously. Something we rarely do! Except during a fit of giggles, we usually laugh for a few seconds…

This is unfortunately too short for their benefits to be real. On the other hand, thanks to laughter yoga exercises, it becomes possible to laugh for the recommended duration, or even longer.

An effective laugh

In addition, to enjoy the benefits of laughter, it must be done correctly. Hey yes, it’s an art to be hilarious!

For a laugh to be effective, it must come from your diaphragm and be full. As long as it does not come from within, it will bring you nothing. Laughter yoga sessions will teach you how, but also help you laugh without fear of being judged or embarrassed.

Laughter yoga combines two techniques: the different types of yogic breathing associated with laughter triggered for no particular reason. This method promotes the supply of oxygen in the body and the brain, hence a feeling of energy.

Laughing without a joke being uttered is a reality. The initial laughter must, in this precise case, be considered as a group exercise which gradually turns into real, highly contagious laughter.

The moment you laugh, you experience psychological and physiological benefits.

The practice of laughter yoga

Laughter yoga sessions are mainly done in groups. In a playful and positive spirit, this method combines laughter, stretching, relaxation and breathing exercises borrowed from yoga. To be effective, the sessions must take place in a warm atmosphere.

Many companies now offer laughter yoga courses to their employees to help them fight against their stress. Retirement homes are also increasingly using this method for the therapeutic benefits it brings to the elderly.

Finally, many laughter clubs offer laughter yoga classes. Check with your municipality to find a course near you!

Laughter yoga: to promote your personal development

The best way to be fulfilled and to feel good in your body and in your head is irremediably by laughter which is very good for health.

The benefits of laughter yoga on the body have a positive influence on the psychological level. Thanks to these funny sessions, practitioners feel happier and in a better mood. Their negative thoughts disappear, they become optimistic. Hence a renewed dynamism and an ability to take a step back.

Your performance at work and in your personal life will only get better!

The benefits of laughter yoga are endless! Let yourself be tempted by a session, you will not regret it. On the contrary, you may not even be able to do without it…

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