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Joe Biden asks Congress to block a potential major rail freight strike

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Joe Biden asked, Monday, November 28, the United States Congress to legislate ” without delay “ to avoid a potential major rail freight strike.

The Democratic president, who calls himself “proudly supporter of unions”claims to be ” reluctant “ to use a passage into legislative force. But he believes that a strike in the sector “would harm millions of working-class individuals and families”.

A tentative agreement was reached between US rail companies and unions in September. However, several of the twelve trade unions concerned no longer want it. The issue of sick leave is the main source of contention between the parties concerned.

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Failing application by December 9, or even December 5 according to the calendars of the various stakeholders, the world’s largest economy could experience a strike likely to bring nearly 7,000 freight trains to a halt. Its cost to the country’s economy is estimated by the American Railroad Association at more than 2 billion dollars (1.9 billion euros) per day.

Legislation from 1926

Thanks to a law of 1926 which gives him prerogatives to prevent a railroad strike, Congress could force pass the preliminary agreement. “We are reluctant to bypass the ratification process for the tentative agreement, but we must act to prevent a catastrophic nationwide rail strike that would bring our economy to a standstill”, House of Representatives Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. She announces that the agreement will be voted on in the House and sent to the Senate without change.

Joe Biden also asked Congress not to make changes to the preliminary agreement. “Despite good intentions, any change could lead to delays and an incapacitating shutdown”estimated the president, who affirms that the agreement was concluded ” in good faith “ by the stakeholders.

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