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Jane Birkin cancels several concerts, how is the singer?

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The singer accumulates health problems. In recent weeks, Jane Birkin has canceled a concert scheduled for Plougastel-Daoulas and another on the stage of the Opéra Comédie de Montpellier. Reached by telephone by the Telegram, Jane Birkin gave more details on her state of health: “I’m not well at all, I’m broken shoulder blade and I’m in a lot of pain.”

This is not the first time that the singer has been forced to cancel a concert. In 2021, she had to give up the stage after suffering a stroke. At the microphone of RTL, she had told the circumstances of the occurrence of this stroke : “I had a terrible headache the day before when I was promoting Charlotte’s film. […] When you’re the accident victim, it’s not scary at all. […] I didn’t suffer in any way.”

A fight against leukemia

Before this stroke, Jane Birkin had already walked the halls of hospitals. In 1998, she stayed in hospital for two years to treat leukemia. In the columns of Paris Match, she returned to this ordeal: “The doctors took me out of the disease. It was also a form of awakening. I understood, whether I wanted it or not, that I had more than ten years ahead of me. Well, if I do like mum, maybe a little more. But there is not a moment to lose”.

In 2013, she had to face a new ordeal, the suicide of her eldest daughter. Here again, music has been his best therapy : “Being on stage is a wonderful escape. Before, I was completely blocked, today things are coming out. I tell myself, for example, that I was lucky to have Kate for forty-six years…”.

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