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Is LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens targeted in the campaign against violence against women?

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For a month, from November 4 to December 7, the city of Lille organizes conferences, symposiums and even shows on the theme of the fight against violence against women. To inform the public of these appointments, a poster campaign public was launched on several “4×3” billboards in the city. In very large, written in white on a black background, we can read the sentence “he only hit her once”, of which certain words have been crossed out to read: “He hit her. »

On reading this slogan, and in the context of the day for the fight against violence against women, we immediately understand the intention: hitting your partner just once does not in any way lessen the seriousness of the facts. And everywhere else than in Lille, this sentence would take on a universal meaning to denounce such violence.

“A subliminal message for Adrien Quatennens”

Except that in the capital of Flanders, Internet users and opposition politicians clearly see a reference to the Adrien Quatennens case, the LFI deputy from the North suspected of domestic violence. Revealed by the chained duck, in mid-September, the filing of a handrail by the deputy’s wife had pushed the rebellious elected official to a sort of mea-culpa on Twitter. In addition to having recognized a context of tense separation, Adrien Quatennens had confessed to violence: “I gave a slap. I gave it away when it didn’t look like me and it never happened again. This confession had then earned the deputy a withdrawal from his duties and from the Assembly.

Contacted by 20 minutes on a possible analogy between the slogan of the campaign and the facts which are reproached to Adrien Quatennens, the town hall did not follow up. But the timing is disturbing, LFI slowly preparing a return of the deputy on the benches of the Assembly.

Suddenly, Internet users are not fooled: “A subliminal message for the attention of Adrien Quatennens”, wonders Maurice Martin on Twitter. “I have a small impression that the town hall of Lille is somewhat ironic about a possible return of your champion”, challenges Marco on the same platform. “You would have to be very naive not to see that it is a stone in the garden of the deputy”, affirms for his part Thierry. Jumping at the chance to tackle the mayor of Lille, Renaissance MP Violette Spillebout recognizes “an effective slogan”, of course, while accusing Martine Aubry “of instrumentalizing this fight to settle [ses] political accounts.

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