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Is CBD effective for sleep? Which ?

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CBD or cannabidiol can be used as a cure for a month or temporarily against sleep disorders. Is it effective against insomnia? How to use it ?

CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule extracted from the cannabis/hemp plant used to provide therapeutic benefits. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system receptors, present in almost all the cells of our body, and which governs the different balances (weight management, body temperature, blood sugar, heart rate, etc.). He can be used as a cure for a month or temporarily when sleep disorders are presented. Is CBD effective against insomnia? Is there a risk of addiction with CBD for sleep?

Is CBD effective against insomnia?

CBD can be effective against insomnia but it is important to better treat insomnia to understand its causes. “THE CBD will act punctually to help falling asleep and promote sleep, but if insomnia is repeated, it will be necessary to go further and determine the reasons for their appearance (stress, digestive disorders, hormonal disorders) because CBD will not be effective in the long term“, emphasizes Alexia Pier, naturopath. The use of CBD will help when you have anxiety disorders when falling asleep, physical painif the sleep is not restorative (deep sleep), if there are changes in the rhythm of life (staggered schedules) or a drug treatment that would disrupt sleep patterns. “To have long-term results, it will be necessary to do a background research with a therapist“, she adds.

Which CBD to take for good sleep?

To promote good sleep, there are several varieties of CBD flowers : CBD Indica flowers are recommended because they will have a relaxing effect: “Indica flowers are recommended for falling asleep and relaxation”. For a good sleep, it is also interesting tocombining CBD with other adaptogenic herbs or to plants with special properties such as lemon balm or verbena. “This association found in some CBD oils is a little extra to promote sleep“. There are also CBD enriched with B vitamins, which contribute to nervous relaxation. “Do not hesitate to use various CBD formulas to appreciate the results“, she insists.

Today there are several formats of CBD due to the commercial effervescence around this product: oil, chewing gum, spray, infusion…

► The use of CBD in the form of oil will have a strong impact on its assimilation by the body. Indeed, CBD oil is used sublingually and will target the blood vessels under the tongue and therefore ensure effects quickly.
Drink a CBD-based infusion in the evening before bedtime in addition to CBD oil can be very interesting. “For more effects, you can combine the shapes. For example, CBD oil sublingually, with infusions and chewing gums in parallel“.
THE chewing gums in CBD can also incorporate sleep-promoting plants and remain interesting in addition to the use of CBD oil.

Is it dangerous to take CBD for sleep?

Take CBD for sleep is not dangerous if one chooses it of quality, with the French standards. “It is therefore advisable to consume a standardized product and to follow the recommendations and the dosage indicated”. If one consumes too much CBD, the effects will not be serious but uncomfortable like drowsiness, digestive disturbances, loss of appetite, nausea… “CBD is not a trivial product, it must be used for therapeutic purposes to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. It must be kept in mind, CBD should not become a pleasure or festive product.“, specifies Alexia Pier. The reactions to the use of CBD can be different from one person to another and depend on duration, grip, intensity, physiology of the person, their genetic heritage and medical history.

Is there a risk of addiction to CBD for sleep?

There is no risk of CBD addiction as long as it contains very little THC, the molecule responsible for the psychotropic effects. “In France, CBD contains little or very little THC, 0.3% maximum. Moreover, you should know that there are ongoing studies in France on the use of CBD in alcohol withdrawal and in reducing dependency.

What are the contraindications to CBD for sleeping?

CBD can have interactions in some cases, especially in people who suffer from severe psychotic disorders, liver and/or kidney failureof severe cardiovascular disease. It is contraindicated in pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, and among those under 18. CBD can also interact with certain medications sensitive to the consumption of grapefruit juice, including antihypertensive, antihistamine and hormonal treatments. It is always necessary seek advice from a health professional with using CBD.

Thanks to Alexia Pier, naturopath in Metz.

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