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In China, Xi Jinping faces the challenge of Generation Z

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Like any self-respecting dictator, Xi Jinping is convinced that whoever holds the Party holds the country. The facts have long proven him right. With its 96 million members (approximately one in twelve adults), the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is of unparalleled efficiency in the world, physically present in the smallest neighborhood, in the most modest enterprise of this continent country. Selected among the best pupils and the best students, its members constitute a technocratic elite which manages the country according to the orders of Beijing.

In Xi Jinping’s dream world, the CCP knows what is good for the people, since it comes from it, and since it makes the right decisions, the people are therefore grateful to it. One of the phrases he uttered during the 19e congress of the PCC, in 2017, sums up, one could not better, his thought: “Party, state, military affairs, civil affairs, education, east, west, south, north, center, the Party rules everything. » His speech delivered on October 16 at the opening of the 20e congress is just as fascinating. Criticism of his predecessors occupies an infinitely more important place than the management of Covid-19.

the ” Communist Party “ has been cited more than 140 times, far more than any other term. Similarly, the day after the congress, Xi Jinping did not go to a place symbolic of China in 2022 to meet his people there. He preferred to take the six other CCP leaders to the depths of Shaanxi, where Mao, from 1935 to 1949, bided his time, in a region becoming a place of communist pilgrimage. Far from the China of tomorrow but also far from that of today, from China which is suffering from the zero Covid policy, unemployment and bankrupt property developers.

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Power isolates and absolute power isolates absolutely. Nothing better than the demonstrations against the zero Covid policy of recent weeks and against the CCP dictatorship in recent days illustrates this. When Xi Jinping inspects a province – a communist leader does not ” visit “ not, he “inspect” –, everything is organized so that he encounters no discontent.

All China’s Evils Come From Abroad

A provincial teacher recently recounted how, one evening, around 10 p.m., her principal had called all the teachers to be present in the morning from 7 a.m. because of a ” important event “. The next day, each teacher, accompanied by a policeman, had to go to a district of his city to order everyone to close their windows and stay away. Still without knowing the reason for this strange instruction. It was only a few hours later that she understood that Xi Jinping was about to “inspect” places and meet some handpicked locals.

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