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I got a sunburn: what vegetable oils can relieve me?

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We all know the harmful effects of the sun, so we can never repeat it enough: use and abuse sunscreen. But, if despite everything, you end up with a sunburn, certain vegetable oils or oily macerates can become your best friends to relieve you, and above all, relieve your skin.

A winning trio

After a sunburn, the skin needs to be nourished to renew the burned cells. We will therefore favor ingredients that will intensely hydrate it, heal it, nourish it and stop inflammation.

Here is a selection of 3 vegetable oils or oily macerates that can be used for the whole family.

These oils must, of course, be kept away from light and heat, for a maximum of 6 months.

Calendula macerate: the ultimate after-sun care

the calendula macerate is obtained from the solar maceration of Calendula flowers in an oil.

This macerate is recognized as one of the softest, most soothing and anti-inflammatories that is. It is traditionally used as soon as the skin is bruised by irritation, redness or a slight burn. It therefore constitutes theoil of choice for after-sun care.

Soothing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory and healing, it promotes the regeneration of damaged skin tissue.

Softening and softening, it brings softness and elasticity to the skin.

Aloe vera oil or macerate: to rehydrate the skin

L’aloe vera is particularly used for dehydrated and dry skin: it is therefore especially indicated for fight against sunburn.

Healing, moisturizing and nourishing, it stimulates skin repair and provides it with all the hydration it needs after a burn.

Argan vegetable oil: healing and antioxidant

Also feel free to use theArgan vegetable oil as after-sun care. Indeed, it heals, regenerates and nourishes the skin.

It is also an excellent anti-oxidant, which is ideal after a sunburn because the burnt cells have undergone oxidative stress against which Argan oil fights.

The editor’s little tip

For a tenfold soothing effect, combine a few drops offine lavender essential oil to your vegetable oil.

Indeed, this essential oil is ideal for all burns problems. Refreshing, healing and regenerating skin, it very quickly relieves slightly reddened, inflamed and dehydrated skin.

Warning: this essential oil cannot be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or by children under 7 years old.

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